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  • New Toys, Project Starting This Weekend

    Just picked up my used Sycrowave 180 SD, it still looks like new. I'll be trying it out this weekend on an aluminum pontoon boat conversion to a duck blind, it should be fun. The season is approaching fast, my buddies have been pushing me to finish it up. I've gleaned lots of good information off hear over the past several months now it's time to put it to practice. The only way to top it off was to pay for my other new toy in the second picture, I'll be using it to dig some deeper holes in my pond!!
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    looks like a brand new machine, how did you find that? I think the syncrowave 180 might be a little small for your aluminum project depending on the material. I max out with my SW 250 on 3/8" aluminum.
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      What are your plans to convert to a duck blind? I have kicked around the idea of a 14' pontoon and using it for duck hunting. I currently just have an Osage duck canoe and mud motor but want something bigger.
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        Duck Blind Plans


        The duck blind is just for use on my pond so it doesn't need to be moved from this pond. For the blind I have an 18' pontoon boat that already had a third pontoon added in the middle, who knows why. We put a flat deck on top which we will put our layout blinds on (3 total). I picked up some 1.5"-2.0" aluminum tubing to ring the outside edge with up against the flat deck leaving a couple inch gap. We'll stick brush we cut from the pond between the tubing and flat deck for concealment. I have a 30A spoolgun on my 210 if needed as well. I'll try to post pictures sometime when it's complete. Feel free to email me with any other questions. Thanks.



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          Congrats on the 180SD.. it looks like new.

          If you dont mind.. how much did the crane cost you? That should come in handy.