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    Originally posted by spotsineyes View Post
    Showdog 75 has the reply that I agree with most. I'm in the Pipe fitter's, the apprentice's program is great. If you start now, you'll be a journeyman in 5 years. That's good money for a 25 year-old with no college. Before you fill out an application, learn how to spell. It gives the appearance of intelligence.
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      ok well wen people grow up with the spelling **** ill respond but for now people need to keep there comments to there self


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        It seems as though you have been getting some good advice, but since it apparently is not what you wanted to hear, you have decided that everyone else should follow your rules.
        I think that you have a difficult road ahead.


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          i dont have a hard road ahead ive been listening to peoples advice but im gunna spell how i wana spell cause im online.. ive been successful at ever aspect in my life so far all i wan tis help with getting into the union not how to spell can we all just grab our selves and realize that.. god


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            96ranger has been temporarily banned.

            There was some real good advice given here and then there was some "not so good" responses. I also think it's much easier to read ENTIRE words than trying to figure out the short code. I could see why he became whizzed when he was jumped on with the name calling.
            You could have just reinforced the spell/grammar issue instead of insulting the guys truck. That didn't get you anywhere.
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              Clean up in isle 4!

              This thread got way off track, so I've removed the worst of it. It started out well, but then turned to personal attacks. Message boards are about learning from one another around a common interest. Differences among members should be welcomed, as that's what keeps the knowledge base strong and the conversations beneficial to all.

              Please remember our terms of use, specifically you agree not to transmit any "defamatory, indecent, obscene, harassing, violent or otherwise objectionable material"

              Everyone is welcome to join/participate on our message board and ask questions or share experiences. Please remember to treat one another respectfully in the future.

              Thank you
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                The only thing I was going to point pout when the thread got locked yesterday. Should have typed faster then I wouldn't have to do it over

                Was his uncle a union pipefitter won't help him get in the local union he belongs to. That says a lot, Don't want any fall out to stick to him. As I have been told that so peoples transgressions or problems on the job or union. Stick to the person that brought them in or recommended them. Not being in a union that the hall does the hiring or firing. I could see were it could spill on to the other person.
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                  Originally posted by PTsideshow View Post
                  Was his uncle a union pipefitter won't help him get in the local union he belongs to. That says a lot
                  Interesting observation...


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                    I'm thinking of going in to the Union (steam fittter/pipe fitter, or Sheet metal) What one is the best in my area? I'm in Maryland as my info above says.

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                      I am glad to see that you did not cut the thread to pieces. You only removed the worst. I agree that the OP may have lost his temper and lashed out.

                      I am glad that you have allowed the thread to continue.

                      Good job.

                      Uh, sorry I don't have anything constructive to add.


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                        You know the thread has some decent advice and as we have seen in many, many posts in other threads, we all seem to prefer real English in complete words. With the wide age group that attend here, it would behoove people to communicate in a manner that EVERYONE here can understand and appreciate.
                        So it didn't make sense to bomb the whole thread.

                        Thanks for participating.



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                          OK, let's let cooler heads prevail. I also banged out a couple of paragraphs only to find the thread locked when posting, probably best that it happened.

                          The only other observation other than his own uncle not helping him, was that when I was his age, had I shown this thread with his responses to my father or uncle (both ironworkers), I woulda got my head slapped just on general principle, disrespecting people like that!

                          And if his family was so well off and he gets everything on a silver platter anyway, why the **** would he be lookin to get into the union! If I had it that good, last thing I'd be lookin to do.

                          Glad it's over


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                            Union gig

                            Canada has openings in the Boilermakers, lot's of union gigs here in Calgary(Alberta)


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                              I am also new to th welding world. Here in RI they have a welding course to get you out in the field they show you the basics of stick and mig. At the end of the course they prepare you to take your D1.1 Smaw 3/4 g test and your gmaw 3/4g x-ray tests to get you in the structural/ fab. field. I love the course and have learened alot in a few short weeks. In the past week I myself have gotten 3 certifications. I have been doing so well that the company is picking me up. There are alot of companys looking for younger guys that show some skill and interest with the huge shortage of welders in this country. They are giving me 4 weeks of training for free(intership). To get me my ASME 6g high pressure pipe and carbon steel tig. Eventually with time and more experience I will be going on outages with them in the powerplants. So if your serious go for it, show that you want it and with time and some luck you will be on your way.

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                                Me thinks that this thread also may have been started by a troll... Can't picture someone really trying for knowledge copping an attitude that quick.