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MM212/210 upgrades?

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  • MM212/210 upgrades?

    I went from this cart

    to this

    and this

    I am just curious what others have done to make a frame for thier 210/212. I also don't like the plastic castors on it. I will have to do something soon. I hate my whip dragging on the ground and my 2/0 25 foot ground and whip don't fit around the handles. I like being able to pull the welder out and have everything I NEED to work with and not have to run back and forth to grab things like tip dip, plyers, hammer, grinders.

    I was thinking of building 2 half sheleves above the fixed side with space for the cables and then 1 full shelf just above the flap when fully opened. I have a large tank and it just doesn't seem stable when held at the stock chain height.

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    I would just make a new cart like the old one. Did you make the 1st cart.

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      Yeah I made the first cart from scrap and most of the stock mm175 cart. The only thing I like on the MM212 is the low bottle shelf but I don't like the low chain height. I think I am going to have to make something soon as it really bothers me in the current height configuration.

      I guess I will have to start to gather more castors and try to find some large wheels that are not plastic.


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        No one else has ever upgraded their units at all or am I the only one with a small space to work from and like to have everything in place neatly?