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  • On the job reminder.

    Coming home from work today and literally watched two barricade workers on the highway get hit head on. I was one of the first cars to stop. Think the one was dead. He never did move. his shoes got knocked off and he got tossed about 30 feet. The other guys said he had a pulse. Had to deal with the aftermath. Thats not good for anyone. The guy that hit them (at about 75mph) ran off on foot when no one was looking. Sad sad sad sad WORK SAFE dont die on the job. terrible day. work safe. harness up, it can happen any time any where. dont be the next. I hope Im not.

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    Not much else scares me but traffic does.


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      It's sad that now days people flee from the scene of an accident all to frequently. I see it all the time on the news at night, pedestrian struck by motorist who stops then drives away. Mostly the drivers are drunk. The penalty for fleeing the scene is less severe than a DUI. You would think it should be the other way around.

      Its also a shame no one paid attention to the driver who caused the problem. I can understand the concern for the injured, but it would have been nice if someone had watched the driver. (not blaming you at all) I guess my training from dive rescue and scouts puts me in an unusual place. I was taught that if you are not needed in the rescue/first aid, that you should attempt to document the situation. Note the time, conditions, who witnessed the accident, who was involved including descriptions and license plate #'s and so on and pass it to the responders. The state trooper who responded to the 911 call for the drunk that hit me and drove off was surprised that I had taken the time to note the license plate #, description of the driver, number of occupants and general description of the vehicle. (I wrote it on my arm as he drove off). I would have followed him while talking to 911 but he disabled my truck.

      I hope they catch the SOB and give him what he deserves.


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        The driver was possibly high, unisured, here illegal, wanted by the law, you get the idea, seems like alot of that kind nowa days.


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          what happend was this; I was using the consious worker's nextel to call his company as per his request. (hes been listed in crtical condtion, the other is dead, and the man who crashed and fled has been caught) as I was relaying info of names and locations I was walking over to where the driver of the car was pacing back and forth nervously (while bleeding from his head himself) and I noticed he kept kind of making moves like he wanted something out of his car. So I actually yelled at him. I said "get the F away from the car man, it could blow up" then I turned my back on him to go shut the engine off on the truck hed just hit. So in that time he had already ran and gotten across 3 lanes of oncoming rush hour traffic and was about 200 yards away going up the embankment to a neighborhood. Everyone was kind of stunned that the guy was that far gone in such a short moment. I was the closest man to him. I yelled at him because I didnt want anyone to get further injured in an explosion, I never thought he wanted to get something out of his car and run, but it looks like he had something to hide. Youre right though. I shouldnt have turned my back. But it just never entered into my mind he would run. I mean, he was dressed like a Chef, white linen coat and all. His car was totaled and half way under a truck, its not like they werent going to track him down. but he probably wanted to ditch something illegal.

          All and all, its a terrible way to die, I used to work in sewer and water and we'd always be set up on roads. Live life to the fullest, because one day you could end up being the topic of a very horrible phone call.


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            I want to be quite clear about this. I didn't want to imply in any way that you were not paying attention. I don't think you took it this way, but want to be sure.

            Looks like you were doing everything correctly. You were currently involved in the "rescue" if you were helping the victim contact his employer. That's almost as important as dialing 911. I'm very glad that you did notice what was going on around you. You thought about shutting down the truck that was hit and noticed what the driver was wearing and how he was acting. I certainly would have though more than once about chasing someone into oncoming highway traffic at any time. If I did chase him, I think someone might have to have my head examined.

            I just have really become fed up with all the hit and runs in my area. I seems like at least once or twice a month we hear about one. One of the last ones happened to a small child that was playing with friends. The street was full of people (adults) that saw the driver hit the child but no one could provide police with a description of the vehicle or licence number. The driver stopped then drove off. Driver turned out to be an registered nurse at a local prison.


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              Something i've been doing for a while is carrying a disposable camera or digital for instances such as these, camera phones work as well. A quick snap saves lots of writing, and the details are all there in color