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Some of the projects I've done

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  • Some of the projects I've done

    Hey guys, haven't been on here in a while so I thought I'd share some picture of the projects I've done that I've never been able to post on here.

    Picture 4 is a deck plate for my brother's FLD112 we built it out of 1/4 aluminum diamond tread and put some accents on his battery boxes as well... All of the seams were tig welded all outside corner welds. picture 5 was part of the same job but it shows the cover piece I built for the end of the frame in the back, again its 1/4 aluminum diamond tread.

    Picture 3 is a dump trailer we built last summer because we couldn't afford to buy a bunch of gravity wagons for the harvest... so we scavenged the lift off of an old piece of crap wagon we had and built the frame on top of another running gear we had. we used 1 inch plywood for the walls and floor. later on I fabbed up a door for the back of the wagon which we found an old crank open door off of a real gravity wagon and spliced it into our door... I built a chute for the door and in the end it worked quite well for us.

    Picture 1 and 2 are pictures of my truck and the bumper that I built for it. It's all 2x2x1/4" tubing with steel diamond tread in the middle and I added 1/4 aluminum diamond tread accents on the outside to make it look alittle better. after I took this picture I moved my license plates to the middle, which made it look much better.

    my pictures were all mixed up so thats why its out of order..

    Ive got one more project Ive done this summer too that Ill share with you guys
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    Good work & nice to see you back.
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