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  • UK trade Unions

    Does anyone know of any pipe trade unions existing in scotland/britan? Ive googled around, but it doesnt seem to share the same typical labels as here in the US. I was just curious to see some European unionism.

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    From what I understand, Unions are mostly just here in the united states- Canada.

    The Government of other countries is your union leader and you better do as they say.

    As Bad as it is here in US and Canada I personally think we have the most freedom of any countries and wouldnt want to live any where else.


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      Most of your trades are governed by the HSE (Health and safety executive) they are the ones that certify if your are able to work in the UK. They are UK's version of Osha with a trade union and AWS type twist.
      They tell you what is safe and unsafe to do along with testing to their specs and they have their own standards to cert to.
      Now take all this with a grain of salt because this is what I'v read from trade magazines for the commercial dive industry that I was trying to get into years ago.

      To perform underwater welding in their country and territories you must first be trained at one of their approved dive schools regardless of US experience then be trained at an approved welding school.
      all of which is governed by the HSE and then you receive a HSE cert card for your specific skill/trade similar to an AWS, ADC, or union card.
      Very complicated process but well worth the effort in terms of pay especially these days at $1.90 to the british pound
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        There is a link to a UK forum on this site. Left hand side of the page.


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          Unions are not just found here and in Canada, they are a common fact of life in Europe. Here is a list of unions in Britian.

          Generally speaking, governments in Europe fear upsetting the public at large because people will take to the street and protest to show there displeasure at unpopular decisions, unlike here in the U.S..
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