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Aluminum Mig wire question.

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  • Aluminum Mig wire question.

    When welding 6061 with a wire feed, which wire do you gentleman prefer, 4043 or 5356? If you have time, and feel like it, could you give your reasoning?
    Thanks in advance!
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    99% of the alum i weld is cast so i use 4043. I tried some 5356 and don't like it as well, but others swear by it...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      4043 all the way, man!
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        Yes i do. Thats all i have used for 30+ years, but i did try some 5356 on the same part just to see and i have stuck with the 4043...Bob
        Bob Wright


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          I have used both types and definetly find 4043 easier to weld with. I've never had any issues with bird nesting either(just lucky I guess) and I use a 20 ft gun. If you can weld aluminum you should be able to get a nice weld with either wire.
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            For me it would depend on the application. In a production situation you should work the bugs out so you can use the better/stronger wire (5356) to prevent comebacks and other problems but for general repair/fab work 4043 is generally easier to work with IMO.
            If you never run it enuff to get really good with it, then when you need to use it you will not be used to it.
            I believe on 6061 that 5356 is first choice isn't it?

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              Originally posted by FusionKing View Post
              I believe on 6061 that 5356 is first choice isn't it?

              With color match as prime consideration, the most appropriate filler for this application is alloy 5356. But i never get anything anodized...Bob
              Bob Wright


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