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    anyone in the pipe welding side know of some good literature, am testing for pipe 6011 and 7018. Tig welding to start, then pipe gtaw w/ 7018 cover. most all job's I've come across want tig root w/ 7018 cap.Am continuing education from structural welding and get on the ground for awhile,lol. feedback anyone!!

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    I wish I did know of "some good literature", but welding pipe is a manual skill passed on from one person to another in most cases. If you can find a skilled pipe welder to watch a bit, it becomes a matter of practice, and then some review/correction by the skilled welder. Then more practice followed by more review/correction.

    It's been this way since pipe was first welded and nothing will get you there as fast, or better than this method.
    You can "get it" by watching a 15 second demonstration, what you would't figure out by reading/trial & error in years.

    Good luck,
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      I agree, very few people can learn to do this on their own, I have seen a couple fair welders that learn from a book and practice but they are few and far between.


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        I did read a procedure thing on the Lincoln site a while back, cant remember exactly where it was though.


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          Hobart welding has books and videos

          Hobart School of Welding sells the books and instructional videos of pre-pipe practice as well as pipe welding. I have the pre pipe (stick) book and aluminum (mig) welding books. The chapters are set up for classroom use timewise, but still helpful. You don't have to buy any high priced packages either. Many of the videos are older, but some things haven't changed much. I am just a light-gauge mig welder now, but used to do more oxy/Acet. and stick.
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            Lincoln Link

            Here is a link to one of the few things I have run across. It does have a lot of good info in it. Hope it helps.



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              As a Instructor...for people that have welded before or for those that have not...I will weld for them first so that they can see what the weld should look like then weld again so that they can watch my hands and the rod angle and so forth...try to get someone do deminstrate for you...its better to watch several people and then pick what is most comfortable for person's way may not always work for you!
              Good luck!! Let us know how you do!!