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DialArc 250 question for ya!

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    The short answer is yes as long as you have enough Amperage to supply the machine. Just drop a hot leg and wire it across 2 hots and the gnd. 3 ph is 3 sets of single phase. If you are doing a number of these single drops off a 3ph supply, try to stagger them so they are not all pulling off the same single ph set causing too much of an imbalance.

    Weld on.

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  • Scuffy
    started a topic DialArc 250 question for ya!

    DialArc 250 question for ya!

    Howdy all! it's been many moons since I've been able to post here due to work. It's also been many moons since I've been able to weld due to work! lol Well lately business has been so dead I've considered bringing my welder to work, keeping it the back room and working on a few projects here and there. Which leads me to my question....

    I know that the DialArc 250 AC/DC runs off 220 single phase at home BUT.... can it run off 220 3-phase? I'm not much of an electrician so I figure it much much better to ask first than make an expensive mistake!!! Thanks all!