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How thick Aluminum can a Synchrowave 250 weld?

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  • How thick Aluminum can a Synchrowave 250 weld?

    I have a chance to pick up one of these units this week... it would be for light production work but would only see use maybe a couple hours a day maybe 2-3 times a week.

    What thickness 6061 aluminum could a unit like this weld? Could it do 1/2"?? What would a good price be for a 1999-2000 model be in good working condition? It's from a shop going out of business so I don't know how many hours on it, but probably with regular use on the machine.

    The other machine I am considering is a Lincoln Square Wave 255. Any comments on the relative performance of these two machines compared to each other?

    Thanks guys

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    I have done 1/2 with mine but the parts were not large with both sections under 1 SF in surface and I preheated some. Once I got the puddle (pond in this case) up and running it went OK and even went down a bit on amps near the end of the beads.
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      I'd say 1/2" is probably the thickest you'll want to do with straight argon on the Syncrowave 250. I use ours at work and sometimes have to tig some 3/8" plate and it doesn't take long for that cooling fan to kick on. You can look into adding helium to your shielding gas to make you arc hotter and easier to weld stuff 1/2" and up.
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        The two previous replies are "about" right. I say about because there are several variables- no way to give an exact answer.

        As far as the time on the machines, they have a built in timer. This timer is accessed by holding down the amperage and output buttons while turning the machine on. If a person is not familiar with this procedure, you may want to have the manual on hand as several things are displayed before you actually get to the timers.