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  • Dynasty 200dx video

    Does anyone know if there is a video available for using the dynasty 200dx.

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    Are you referring to a video that takes you through the front panel of the machine, or are you looking for a how to weld video. If you are referring to the front panel, there is a great tutorial on this site. Links are on the right side of the screen under the TIG welding calculator. It covers the Dynasty 350 and 700 but most of the same features + a couple extras are on these machines as your 200.

    There is also a video done by Ron Covell on this web page. Just from memory I believe he uses a Dynasty 300 (maybe a 200 too. I can't remember for sure.), but the front panels are nearly identical, and he does a good job of going through the features of the machine, and giving a basic tutorial on TIG welding.

    There is not to my knowlege a video that is Dynasty 200 specific.

    Good luck,

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      If I made one would it be worth buying and if much would it sell for. I can get the vid equipment and weld filters so I could probably do one.



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        if you can incorporate techniques (closeups of torch movement, and different joints) as well as how the various dynasty settings change things, i would go as high as 40 bucks.
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          $40 seems kinda high, doesn't it? I think you would sell a LOT more if you sold them for $20-$25...........I know I would buy one

          Show how to use and all the settings for TIG AND STICK: different thicknesses for aluminum, stainless steel, chromoly and steel. With Straight Argon and with tri-mix.
          Using the finger momentary switch, using the coomate 3, etc.
          Try to cover ALL the basis, so nobody will be bummed, and you will have a video that will THAT WILL ROCK!!!!!!!..........
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            I think $40 would be reasonable. Don't know much about the video industry but this would take some time & effort to get together & only a few little tips would save a lot of experimenting. Let us know if one will come out Andy as I would be interested. As they say it is a poor day if you don't learn something new.
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              Bert that video would be awesome but I don't think we can reasonably expect Andy to do THAT much work and then grind him down to $20 or $25!

              However I wouldn't mind seeing it included with the new Dynasty 200 I'd order if he makes the video!!!

              Well ok I guess I need to save some cash up first!
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                Well, I'm just thinkin what a lot of other videos cost. I think if Andy included everything, again, to cover all bases, then I think $40 would be very fair.
                I'm kinda going off the norm. Instead of making 1 REALLY good video, they sell small "segments" (making a "series") for $25 each. So yeah, if it covered all basis,
                I'd buy it for $40............
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                  The reality is, if Miller put out a video that saved me from 3 years of experimenting and screwing up, and made me a better welder because of my dynasty, it would be worth a whole lot more than 40 bucks. After years of trying I'm decent at TIG welding now (still always looking for tips). In December/January i started "teaching" a friend to tig, within minutes he was doing well (he had some gas experience). Since he had someone to set up for him and provide him with the right materials and info, he saved years! we are now in a half assed TIG class, and i can say he welds at least 80% as good as i do, sometimes better than me! So i think a COMPREHENSIVE video on TIG welding showing how to leverage the Dynasty would be worth a good deal to me.
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                  Millermatic 175
                  Spectrum 375
                  All kinds of Smith OA gear


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                    As has been mentioned, one or maybe two videos:

                    The first one covers the basics. Don't bother with how to attach the regulator, etc. Anyone should be able to get the "non-dynamic" part from reading the manual or any one many other resources that are available on the web. With a little research even tungsten selection can be done correctly if one knows how to use google and the Miller weld calculators can be used as the starting point for the baseline setting.

                    And don't bother with copper or aluminum foil in the first video.

                    Focus on the "real time dynamic" part of the welding process - the part that can only be presented in a real time video – the torch, the filler, the puddle, the rhythm, etc. as the weld is being made. The goal would be to educate the user in the “human interactions” that are necessary to create a good weld using simple, straight forward settings on a simple machine.

                    Now that we have a base line established, we would move on to video two:

                    We could now explore what happens as we change some of the “human interactions” and machine settings. The pro’s and con’s of changing the balance only have meaning if I have a solid baseline to start with – video one.

                    And video two becomes a marketing tool to show what a Dynasty 200 or 350 offers over the less flexible models.

                    Yes, I know much of this information is covered in the literature but if you do not have real experience the written information is somewhat abstract. Someone said “seeing is believing” and I think in this case seeing “someone else do it correctly” would go a long way towards eliminating my ability to see me perform 38 permutations of “doing it incorrectly”.

                    In short, I am looking for is a video instructor on TIG welding followed by a video instructor on how to effectively utilize the features of my Dynasty. In my area the “instruction on welding” – especially TIG – simply does not exist. And my LWS does not have the skills necessary to provide the “effectively utilize” portion even if I had the “was a proficient welder” skills.


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                      Why not include copy with machine?

                      Instead of sending a paper manual that is about useless, why not send the video and jack up price $50 with the extra $10 to Andy as a tip for all his great work on this site?????


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                        Though $70 and more might be worth it, I think you would sell SO much more, and probably make a lot more profit, if you sold them for cheaper...
                        Make it too much, and people will start copying them and giving them to their friends....For those who may think I'm stupid:

                        $70 video x 1,000 sold = $70,000
                        $40 video x 4,000 sold = $160,000

                        Andy can find out how many dyn200dx have been sold already, and see if it would be worth it. If not that many, he will have to sell it for more to recoup
                        cost and make a little profit. Whatever they do...Miller has put out some really good manuals in the education section, and the prices are REALLY I'm 100% positive, that Andy/Miller will be fair....they aren't doing it to get rich quick.....

                        2 videos huh? That's what I was talking about before....Now they can sell 2 videos at $70 each....Why don't they just make it on one, on dvd, you can skip the first 5 tracks......
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                          For those with not a lot of Tig experience the inverter machines can be a real minefield if you don't know what you're doing.
                          My inverters are OTC and Kemppi, not Miller but the basics still apply. AC balance does the same thing regardless of machine, the same with AC frequency etc.
                          The real trick is knowing when to use a particular feature for a specific weld, whether it be for form or function.
                          It is so easy to get lost in all the functions but start at the basics and work out what one feature does at a time. When you know exactly what that feature will do, then move on to the next one and so on.
                          It's when you can change the settings with a "little bit of this and a little bit of that" and it comes out exactly as you planned you know you've come to grips with what your machine can do.
                          People often comment to me "How come your welder sounds different all the time?" It's because I'm constantly changing the settings to get the weld to look like I want it to.
                          For fillet welds I'm often high in the AC Hertz frequency and more penetration in the AC balance side and the welder really crackles. For outside corner welding like the corner seam on a fuel tank I'll go to sine wave (both my machines have this feature) I'll lower the AC Hertz, more cleaning on the AC balance and go up an electrode size and change it from Ceriated to Zirconated because I know it will form a nice shiney ball on the end. Now the machine has a really low humming bass sound especially noticeable if I'm pulsing it at the same time.
                          The old saying "practice,practice,pratice" is so true it's not funny. When you can hand a job to a customer who's just seen you do this weld that looks fantastic and taken you very little time and you know they're thinking "what's so hard about that, it's simple". So off they go and buy themselves a Chinese clone tig make a whole lot of mess and realise that maybe it isn't so easy after all. I've had that happen a couple of times, and I've even set their Chinese Tigs up for them and they still can't do it and I have a secret smile about the thousands of hours I've spent with a Tig torch in my hand learning my craft.
                          I'm proud to be called a Tig welder.
                          Regards Andrew from Oz.
                          We are tig welders, gravity doesn't worry us.

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                            I have been TIG welding on and off for a number of years. I thought it would be fun to take a TIG class at the local college. Even though I have read and studied everything I could get my hands on, there were three things in the class that really improved my welding: the textbooks, the videos and the hours and hours of practice. I haven't reached the skill of the men in the videos, but I keep getting better with each weld.

                            I was told the videos were thousands of dollars. Even though I don't weld for a living, I would easily pay $100 for a video showing how to really TIG properly. It should include doing it wrong as well as doing it right, steel, AL and stainless, settings, technique, etc.


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                              Agree with Iron Head
                              Much Kudos for a GREAT POST!!!!!!!!!!
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