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Welder's with iPhones..?

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  • Welder's with iPhones..?

    So I'm a total tech geek and have had one since day one.

    Only, recently I have started using the ipod function and have found that the audio easily cr@ps out in one ear - except when I'm welding. As soon as I strike the arc, the audio comes back in both ears.

    I know the headphones are shielded since they don't pick up the interference from the cell transmitter like all other speakers/headphones.
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    are you using wired or bluetooth headphones?
    and is it the right ear that cuts out?

    My "guess" is the welder pushes extra interference making the bluetooth connection work harder clearing the stereo connection.
    So if it cuts to the same ear that calls come thru it is either an operating system upgrade.

    I use a motorola S7 (I'm Mac-allergic so I went Blackberry)

    But bluetooth driver issues or the I-phone OS version may need an update.

    Just reaching for reasoning; but those are the support issues I have run into on my end with bluetooth stereo wireless.

    I support IT/Telecom users in a corporate environment.

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      Originally posted by MilwaukeeMike View Post
      I bleed 0's and 1's
      000, 001, 010, 011, 100, 101, 110, 111, 1000, 1001

      I hated those things. I wanted to be in the garage workin' with my hands.
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        Very informative thread.