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Powering MM175 from 115 volt circuits

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  • Powering MM175 from 115 volt circuits

    I have access to an older 39 amp generator that just has two 115 volt circuits. Can I take a hot leg off each of the two circuits and combine the ground to make a 20 amp 230 volt circuit? There are no GFI s. The unit is old, but still seems to put out full power. I want to power a MM175. Is this the same wiring setup newer generators use for a 20 amp 230 volt plug? Thanks for your time.

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    will depend on the generators wireing. stick a meeter on it and see what you get. if the 2 circuits are out of sink it would work. but if it only makes 120 thats it. if you list the modle some one here may be able to let you know. some great repair guys here. but a meeter check would be easyest.
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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      Onan/Studebaker Generator

      The generator is more of a curiousity than a workhorse. The Onan engine was made when Studebaker owned the company. It is a 2 cylinder opposed and the generator is rated 4200 watts or 4500 watts. It seems to just have one wiring circuit with both branches feeding from it. The engine doesn't have electric start either and runs at 1800 RPMs.
      Thanks for the help


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        Sounds like an RV generator, I had one well may still have it. The electric start worked off of another set of windings in the generator head. I never did fool with it much, I did not have the wiring schematic to wire it correctly.
        it was not what I was needing at the time.
        Like you I was wanting to power my small mig.
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          You still need to measure it with a meter to know. My FIL had a small Coleman generator that he wanted to adapt its two 15A 120V circuits into one 30A circuit to run the AC on his trailer. I was surprised to find that the little guy was split phase and had 240V between the two hots.

          Something like that would work for what you want to do, but not for what he wanted to do.