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  • fluxcore test

    not much experience w/ fluxcore, till now. Question's about root pass for bevelled plate, vertical, overhead. Do you start a bead up then stitch it in like a 7018 or down bead and fill root pass in w/ beading, thx

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    Do you have a specific wire you will be using? Innershield (no gas), outershield (with gas)?
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      Welding with gas sheild 71t for plate testing

      I have done quite a bit of fluxcore welding in power plant work and all the testing I had to do requires that it should be done in up hand welding. You will have to adjust the heat and wire speed to your liking but have your plates 1/4 inch apart and tight against the backing strips. Use one pass with very little side to side motion and continue with several passes each time and be carefull to clean the sides on each layer so you don't trap slag. I usually run at 24.5 volts and about 270 on the wire speed. Hope it works for you.


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        Mark, if you are going to take a qualification test, you are typically given a welding procedure to follow. This will tell you if it should be done up or down. The majority of codes will require a vertical up progression.
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          yeah done quite a few tests and i always vertical up my root then tie in the next few passes the same way. i dont start stiching untill im almost out of the groove otherwise its easier to trap slag.
          good luck


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            It runs similar to 7018. Even better and easier as you don't have the electrode heating up, very consistent.