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1st day of AWS Aluminum Welding conference!!

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  • 1st day of AWS Aluminum Welding conference!!

    I attended the first of two days of the American Welding Society's annual conference on aluminum welding in Seattle,WA. It was frickin' awsome, the level of speakers was way more than I expected. There were people from EASB, Lincoln, Alcoa, Alco Tech, Boeing, and a couple others. We also recieved a couple of books and periodicals on aluminum welding and it properties and a AWS D1.2 structeral welding-aluminum code book. I have welded more aluminum than I would have like in the last two years, but going to this conference made me want to go into work and run a whole bunch of beads just for the **** of it. A little pricey, but when you see what you get in return it is completly worth it, can't wait to go back tomorrow for the conclusion.
    Welders do it hotter!!