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  • test piece bender

    in class we have been welding up test peices and using a special bending machine to make the root and face bends to see if they fail. the machine we use is specially made for this purpose, but was wondering if anyone has built or has used something else to bend these pieces... id like to further my testing abilities and be able to weld and test myself at home.

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    My welding school just had a hydraulic press. The ram had a circular shape maybe an inch wide and it pressed the test pc. between two circular bars mounted on the bed maybe 3-4" apart...can't remember exactly.

    I'm sure the AWS has parameters for all this.


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      I have to agree, as long as you have a properly sized die set for the metal thickness a regular hydrualic press should work. Our school uses one that looks to be somewhat homemade.
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