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where to look for work with my rig????

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  • where to look for work with my rig????

    I have a chevy 1/2 ton pickup and a bobcat 225 that I can either keep in the bed or put on a trailer I have. I have been doing a lot of local contract work but it isnt very steady. I have looked for shutdown work but keep coming up with freehand jobs which means that I dont have to use my rig but get a lot less pay.

    Does anyone know where to start ?/
    I have searched all over the net but cant really find it anywhere any help would be greatly appreciated

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    How long do want to be away from home? and how far? is always looking for guys for turn around work...Bob
    Bob Wright


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      I would like to be able to stay in texas right now maybe louisiana. You know just to get my feet wet.


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        systems contracting in El Dorado AR are usually doing shut down work soemwhere all the time.

        As to steady work, figure out what you like best
        doesnt matter just a niche that is a steady source. Go to the customers and offer to do the job the first time for half price on labor.

        I do hydraulic cylinder repair on the side and I have been known to do one now and again for free, my niche is I can pick up your cylinder at the end of the day
        and usually have it back at 6 the next morning. not many places in my area can do that with equipment cylinders.

        A guy in my neighborhood repairs the sling winches the grave yards use to lower coffins, he bought a complete unit and uses it as a loaner while he repairs the unit for the customer.