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NDT Training in South-Central WI ?

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  • NDT Training in South-Central WI ?

    I was looking for some NDT training, as close to the Madison, WI area, as possible. I am looking at Magnetic Particle & Liquid Penetrant. Closest so far is a class at Hobart, and is a week long, this summer.
    I am also looking for someone in the Madison area, that is a level III, that would allow someone to work with or for them part time, to build my hours, for a future certification, through ASNT. Thanks.

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    Hello North1

    I wish I could help you. sorry

    I am level II certified in Magnetic Particle , Liquid Penetrent & Eddy-current
    I meet the qualifications for level III but I am not presuing it, because I wont get anymore money. but will have to do more like train others.
    not that I mind training, just think I should be paid for my level III
    I have been doing NDT for over 13 years

    I live a LONG ways from you, sorry

    hope you find a place to get experience and training & oh yea a one week training class is short because it takes some time to learn all that you need to know.

    good luck
    ............. Richard


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      I know it’s not in your area but I just got back from the Hobart Weld Inspection class, well worth the travel.