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  • Looking for a Plasma Cutter

    I've narrowed it down to the Miller 375 and the Hypertherm 30C. I need some expert advice on which one. I don't care about price, I want the one that performs the best.


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    Truth is they are very close in operating perameters and performance and well repected in the industry. The kicker for me would be who in YOUR area services which brand and what the cost of consumables would be.

    It's a hair split decision so you might have to take into other variables.

    Good luck



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      Power vs portability

      Not sure which is better but the main thing to way is portability vs power. I have the 375 and I wish I had a 40A machine. The larger one just has more range (thicker material) and the ratings are a bit of a stretch.

      I opted for the 375 because I wanted to be more portable.

      Keep in mind that a big part of portability is where you can plug it in and having the adequate mobile air capacity. In hind sight, I would have traded for more amps.

      Do your research upfront and you won't be sorry.

      EDIT - One more thing I thought of after I posted. Look at the torch carefully. That may be an important part of your decision. Mine has the 27C. I works well, but has a crappy set up for a dragshield. The larger machines and (I think) the hypertherm have a torch with a nicer drag shield set up. These consumable parts are pretty expensive and the 27C does not come with a drag shield included. Check with your LWS to verify because it has been a while and things change.
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        I am very happy with my Thermal Dynamics cutmaster 51. Great machine.

        I am impressed with Andy's response, since he works for Miller, very professional to give the comparison and response.


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          Ihave a T D cutmaster 81 been the best machine ever had, run it on my truck also behind the 250NT and the trailblazer 302 no problems yet , had it for 4 years !!! good luck choosing : mike
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            Depending on what you might be cutting, thickness wise, I think you might be better off stepping up to the Miller Spectrum 625 or the Hypertherm Powermax 600. These two are 40A cutters. Consumable life is much better on the 40A machine compared to a 27A like the Miller 375. In terms of dealing with thicker materials, say 1/4" through 1/2" mild steel plate, you would be much happier with the bigger unit. The 40A machines also come with a drag shield on the plasma torch and don't require the standoff that
            27A machines make you have to maintain to work right. The larger unit will also give you greater options; 25 ft. or 50 ft. umbilical, fine cuts consumables, or a machine torch option as well. If I was buying another unit to go on the truck, it would be the 40A machine. That will moist likely happen when the truck gets changed out and I can get the Bobcat 225 mounted in place of the BlueStar 2E.

            Just my opinion. Started to get a Miller 375, opted for the Hypertherm 600 and wound up with a HT PM 1000 instead. A lot of it had to do with what was in stock, consumables on hand, what others we talked to were using themselves, and an offer we just could not refuse.

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              I got a G3 1000 Hypertherm, VERY HEAVY, but I was looking more for power JUST in case I needed it...2nd time I used it happened to be cutting up 1-1/4" I beam. Glad I got the bigger one!!! What ASKANDY said I think is the most important. One lincoln guy was bragging to me how his consumables were so much cheaper than mine, but when I asked him how fast he went through consumables, he probably changed them 3x more than I repeat ASKANDY:
              1) consumable cost
              2) life of consumables
              3) avalability of consumables
              4) repair shop: familiar with both? or more of one?
              5) range of selection. Does one offer more parts?
              Good luck, either way, you will LOVE it
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                Thanks for all the advice. It looks like I have a lot more research to do.

                I'm not really sure if I should step up to the a 40A machine since I don't weld as a profession. The thickest material I consistently work with is 1/4" MS.

                I guess I need to check on the consumables like ya'll said before I make a decision.

                Thanks again.


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                  Well after researching all the consumable available for each machine, I have decided to step up the 40A. Still up in the air about Miller or Hypertherm. I'll have to talk to my sells rep at National Welders about what they keep in stock and turn around time on parts they have to order.


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                    Plasma technology is plasma technology, what your buying is the gun, and t-dyne is a better choice in the bunch. a 5 year warranty is kinda nice too.


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                      My vote is for the 625. Its quick and cuts clean. I had a 375 and attempted to cut some 1/4" plate Stainless. It did'nt do very good. I bit the bullet and sold the 375. I have never regretted it. I would rather have extra power and not need it than need it and not have it. Good Luck
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