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First time TIG...Blew out garage door openers!

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    Originally posted by welderman23 View Post
    i thought most car unlock/remote starts were infrared,not hi freq .....
    Nope... IR is what operates TV remotes (line-of-sight), car remotes are RF (radio frequency). If the remote works while still in your pocket, it's RF not IR.

    I've had my garage auto-opener activate while using a wired drill. I'd sure like to test the opener with a tig outfit, but that day may never come.


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      I'll second that car remotes and garage door openers operate on HF radio
      signal. But any electronic device can be affected by HF radiation (essentially an EMP). Did you have HF start enabled? If your machine has Lift-Arc that
      will help instead of HF start, and keeping the ground clamp as close as possible to work piece. Somewhere in Miller's TIG product section they mention a customer whose computer invoices were changing because of TIG
      HF radiation, and it was 100' away!
      Good luck!


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        Simple fix, tywrap your ground to your torch lead just after leaving your machine for 1 foot or so. HF is hunting for the other lead and going through everything to find it.. this is a simple solution that works surprisingly well on all machines. Also makes your arc exceedingly stable.

        Whoops wasn't going to post here anymore....


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          Originally posted by cruizer View Post
          Whoops wasn't going to post here anymore....
          Just when you thought you was out, we draws you back in!
          Weekend wannab racer with some welders.


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            Cuizer!!! Good tip and I'll do it! Nice to have you "back"
            It's been what...8 whole days??? Kinda infectious hey?
            love you man (tear....)
            I'm not late...
            I'm just on Hawaiian Time