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  • Who's your favorite "member"

    I though it would be a really neato idea to start a thread where we could gush on the members we really like. No biggie or anything just say who you like and why you think they are a great contributor to this fine forum.

    My most favorite members right are as follows but not necessarily in this order.

    Fishy Jim

    I have followed this board for a while now and In my way of thinking, these guys have offered up a ton of help and it seems like they embody the sense of community that this board tries to uphold.

    OK, who's next.

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    You are

    You seem to really know yer stuff
    Ed Conley
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    SO 2020 Bender
    You can call me Bacchus


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      Handy.... my favorite

      ooops Handy that be me. I would have to say MOnte.... I mean the guy built a hoovercraft. I love hoovercraft.


      Thunderbolt AC/DC
      MM 175
      Maxstar 150 STL
      Blue Star 185 DX
      Spectrum 375


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        Oops I forgot!

        I know you mean VERY well by this post, no doubt in my mind!!!!! But I've been on this forum for almost a year, and there were so many people that have answered my questions, few I made very good friends with, but I feel if I leave someone out, they might feel bad. I won't respond because of this. I've had new members with VERY few posts, that looks like they are very experienced and have helped me and the guys that have been here a long time that help me out. Well, ok, I'll give my answer:
        EVERYONE (including Miller!!!)
        I'm not late...
        I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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          Everyone here is great in my little book...Bob
          Bob Wright


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            This should get interesting


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              Your brother Kevin, is my real HERO

              Know what I mean Jeb?
              If necessity is the Mother of Invention, I must be the Father of Desperation!

              sigpicJohn Blewett III 10-22-73 to 8-16-07
              Another racing great gone but not to be forgotten.


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                Mt favorite member was HAWK. No one has come close to his knowlege level or demenor.
                Dynasty 200 DX
                Millermatic 175
                Spectrum 375
                All kinds of Smith OA gear


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                  The member I love the most, is myself,.......... literally!!!
                  Warning to young ladies:
                  If you wear loose clothes, beware of the machinery. If you wear tight clothes, beware of the machinist.


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                    Originally posted by BBchevy396 View Post
                    The member I love the most, is myself,.......... literally!!!
                    well then you should get a girlfriend .
                    my favorite member is me
                    my daddy always said i was IRONHEADED....
                    feel free to P/M me


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                      I really don't have any favorites. All of you guys have been a tremendous help to me since I've been here and I enjoy visiting with all of you.
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                        Warm Fuzzies...

                        BBChevy-The "member" I love the most...
                        WOW! I was hoping you weren't going to say something else!!!
                        Nuff said

                        This is
                        (tear running down my eye...)

                        I don't have any of those fancy smilies....
                        I'm not late...
                        I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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                          Iron Head is my favorite!
                          RETIRED desk jockey.

                          Hobby weldor with a little training.

                          Craftsman O/A---Flat, Vert, Ovhd, Horz.

                          Miller Syncrowave 250.


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                            All I can say is "Yowlsa". I need to eat more meat
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                              Iron head.

                              I am right there with ya!