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Thoriated -dangerous?

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    I just think Red sucks on aluminum and the radiation is just one more reason NOT to use it
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      Originally posted by kcstott View Post
      Ceriated Orange tip is non radioactive and it's also great for aluminum too.
      I've used pure Tungsten and orange tip and find the Ceriated to hold it's shape better.

      Ceriated Tungsten is the shiznit. Thats all I use, but I still wear a respirator while grinding it, I take no chances with my health.
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        well looks like its well coverd.
        so i'll just add this little bit.
        thorated should not be exposed to open cuts.
        as for non-inverters using lanthanated and cerated, its becoming more common every day to see places switching to them. longer tungsten life and pointed tungsten advantages .
        i use 2% lanthanated on every thing. tried 1.5% lanthanated and 2% cerated also. all had good arc starts and restarts. just found the 2% lanthanated to hold its shape best. takes the heat better than the others. also cerated can split with AC applications, some have had this problem others was designed as a DC tungsten to replace thorated. it really comes down to a personal preference thing. for me thats 2% lanthanated.

        diamond ground will send you out a few samples if you would like to try out some of them. also try-mix is a good choice but often more $$ and not so much better than the lanthanated (IMO). some places also have a shop mix so to speak, there own mix. again try it and take it from there. if you want the simple answer, grab some lanthanated and never look back.

        diamond ground is a great company to work with and the price for pre-sharpened tungsten is not bad. i have used them and have no problem recommending there service and quality. they are the only ones i know of giving free samples, i had no problem placing an order with them after i got my samples.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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          Here is a link to information compiled by Integrated Environmental Management, Inc.

          I found the data very helpful in helping decide what tungsten I use
          with my Syncrowave 250 Tig Runner...


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            It sounds like the straight scoop. Why bother dealing with the radioactive headache.

            Good article; Thanks,

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              radio activitiy

              2% thoriated tungsten is slightly radio active like a light bulb or things like this. If you put it near a geiger counter it won't even register. Now I'm not saying to eat the stuff but respect it and follow the handling guide line's and I'll give you my tailgate guarantee that you will not glow. I've tig welded for years and have never had a problem related to tungsten and when my kids were born they didn't have any birth defects associated with radiation. Jef


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                Torium and internal contamination

                Regarding Thorium and Radioactivity.
                The other welder that explained the dust and safety against breathing it is correct.

                I worked in the Nuclear feild for 18 years and the thoriated tungsten was a big issue where I worked. The tungsten tips were always a problem when surveyed at a station. They will be radioactive when metered.

                The release method was to swipe them with a paper filter and if they had no dust they would not set off the meter. That's when they are safe to handle.

                If particles become free in the air you may ingest them which causes localized radiation damage.

                Alpha particles have a +2 electric charge which is the most damaging radiation "internally". External radiation from alpha is not a big problem because they are a relatively large atomic particle which cannot penetrate the skin or clothing.
                Best stay clear of the hazard! I don't know why they are sold openly.



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                  So you're saying licking the dust off is not a good idea I've got to change my ways.
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                    The thoriated tung is roughly 2% radioactive in particle form but will not harm you unless your grinding it all day long.

                    I personally don't like to use it not just because of the radioactive reasons but because the "green" pure tung is not able to carry the amperage that ceriated tung is. Not to mention that it doesn't seem to have as stable arc on the inverter based systems.

                    And at the end of the day that spells dollars in your pocket