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  • Ironworker Prints?

    Being as I don't like to spend any more money than I have to, I was thinking about how nice an ironworker in the shop would be but then I don't want to spend $5000.00 on one either. Baby on the way, yada,yada. So does any one have any plans or websites that supply prints for building one for yourself to save a buck? How about hydraulic rams built for this purpose; cutting edges, ect.? Any help would be much appreciated! And another thing. All the new ones I'm finding on the net are made in China. Excuse me; china

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    If you can find any,please pm me and let me know.Thanks
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      There are lots of USA made ironworkers out there, with new companies being added all the time. Plus tooling compaines are springing up. I just read my newest The Fabricator mag and there are lots of ironworker ads from companies i never saw before in the shops i worked in. You would be hard pressed to build one for less than 5 grand unless you can make your own tooling. You can buy a simple slip in die setup for an arbor press that may be more reasonable depending on what you want your ironworker to do. You can also make a simple C frame press with a hyd cyl to use slip in tooling also. Don't forget hydraulics that have high tonnage isn't cheap either. I just threw away a 100 ton cylinder from a press that was in my way. It was like 10" around and weighed 250 lbs of so. Have you ever used an ironworker and seen how they work? They are pretty simple once you understand what they are doing to move all the parts. You could prob build a simple one just from running one for a while...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        These are pictures of a Scotchman Ironworker that I picked up for $900 at a small trailer manufacturer that was shutting down. I had been looking for years to find a used one. As you can see it was in pretty sorry shape.

        After a great deal of clean up and repair it is getting ready to operate. I am waiting on a few parts for the angle shear.

        The hydraulics and the machine are pretty much bullet-proof. I had to replace some hoses and rework some of the parts, removing some shoddy patches but it now works fine. Scotchman is helpful and was able to trace everything from my serial number.

        This is one that I probably should have bought that appeared on ebay. The problem with buying is that freight can really be prohibitive.

        My advice if you are looking at one is to find a name brand and check to see about parts availability. The hydraulics were available locally and I found a machine shop that will sharpen the blades.

        Good luck,



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          Thanks gentlemen, I appreciate the input.


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            WOW!! Holy transformation batman!!!!
            Nice job!!!!!!!!!
            Can't wait to hear/see stuff you use on that!!!!!!!!
            I'm not late...
            I'm just on Hawaiian Time


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              Yeah THATS WAS A NICE DEAL!!! Alos if any y`all find plans pm me cause my cuz is wanting to buy a used one or build one!

              Inferno Forge