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working at GE??

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  • working at GE??

    Does anyone have any information about welding for General Electric? The job is 70% travel based out of Dallas, TX. I dont have any info other than that. Anything would help!

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    Each division of GE is it's own company. I spent two years at GE Capital Fleet in the late 90's and money was hard earned. Max raises were capped at 4% and starting pay left much to be desired. Pretty much like any corporate job.

    Mind you, this was under Walsh, so things could be better now but probably got worse. I know the company as a whole isn't nearly as strong now as it was back then.

    I worked with some great people, but don't miss it.
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      I worked under Jack as well. I was out in California in a transformer repair shop where they did gas turbines as well. As far as I know they are still there. I also worked for G.E. through a temp. agency as an electrician on power distribution projects. My dad was also a senior electrical engineer for them in So. Cal.

      While I can't agree with everything Jack did to the company, they made money back then. We had a couple of welders in Anaheim and they seemed to like welding for the company. There was always plenty of work and the pace was steady and not break neck. For me I made great money back then and the insurance through Blue Cross was amazing. My only issue was the union, I couldn't justify some of the things they did.

      As the guy from G.E. capital showed there are many side to any company, I know the capital group was VERY aggressive back then, but Like I said the company was making money.

      I am sure you can find a different story from everyone who ever worked there so you'll have to make the choice for yourself, if you do get in your not stuck. You can always get out--no one came to break my legs for leaving