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    i am a sheet metal fabricator for hvac. i weld from 20ga to 16ga black iron and galvanized duct and fittings it is all mig welded i tig also at home for side work
    miller 330 abp
    everlast 225lx
    airco 250a tig
    hobart handler 125 mig
    o/a torches


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      Originally posted by bryce_burden View Post
      I currently work for an outfit called CB Fabrications out of Woodward, OK. It's just a small business that a friend of mine and I started. We build and maintain various agricultural supplies (hay feeders, gates, fences, machinery repair, etc.). We also build various truck accessories (headache racks, tailgates, etc.). We just got our portable unit (Lincoln SA200 on an 84 Ford) goin so we can do some work outside of the shop. I'll try to post some pictures of our work when I get to my house and have access to them

      On July 11th, I ship out to Great Lakes, IL with the U.S. Navy to train to be a welder, so I'll get my official training there.

      I race with a guy from Woodward, manges an O'reilly's I think.

      Myself? I'm just a dumbass Electrician....But it pays for my slightly more fun than work hobby..


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        built houses for about 20 years - my time with U.S.Army. got broken on the job,(disabled now) screwed by the insurance people. and now i play in my shop to keep from going nuts. do some artsy fartsy stuff and build whats needed to keep the house from falling in. going to try to get a small welding shop up and ruining this summer now that i have TIG and can do aluminum.

        one word of advice to those planing to retire.
        get some tools and a shop before ya do. sitting in the house with nothing to do but talk to the wife will drive ya NUTS. so get some toys and a place out of the house to play with them.
        thanks for the help
        hope i helped
        feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
        summer is here, plant a tree. if you don't have space or time to plant one sponsor some one else to plant one for you. a tree is an investment in our planet, help it out.


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          I am an aircraft mechanic for Fedex in Memphis. Spent some time in Mobile Alabama. Spent a lot of time in the desert with the Air Force. I would like to get out of aviation and go to the coast and tig-weld aluminum at marinas for a living. Common sense suggests staying put.
          Webb's Welding and Repair LLC
          MM210 w/a 3035 spoolgun
          Syncrowave 250
          Spectrum 625
          Trialbazer 302 w/HF


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            I'm a welding engineering tech. (went to sait in calgary), and i'm currently doing quailty control work at a induction bending/induction heat treating/chromium carbide overlay shop in calgary, my duties range from checking measurements on welded spools to verifing the hardness levels on our induction hardened pipe, to also verifing the welding parameters on the overlay machines, and checking the microstructure of the overlay to make sure the operators aren't getting outside of the ranges to badly.


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              Currently I am welding for a Military Contractor. We do repair and retrofit on LAVs and fabricate new parts for LAVs. The processes are very precise and there is lots of training involved. I did 6 weeks of training with MIG when I started this job.

              My apprenticeship consisted of 2.5 years in a rinky dink fab shop, and a year and a half working various Boilermaker Union jobs. I have my CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau) Cert. for structural and my B-Pressure ticket for pipe. I'm looking at getting into inspection later this year.

              "When the wise old rooster crows, the smart young rooster listens."


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                My name says it. Also operate a variety of cranes. Have a 301tb and a 302tb extreme 12vs suitcase two ln25 suitcases and a powcon suitcase. 2 sets of torches and i look for other work


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                  im a fifth year union apprentice pipefitter/welder out of western colorado. also a licensed plumber. started welding in the second year of my apprenticeship but only sporadically. finally started taking it serious two years ago when i realized how much i enjoyed it. not to mention where it can take me in life. now i spend all my spare time when i'm not workin down at the hall learning somethin new. its finally paid off. got myself three stick certs and 2 tig certs and hopefully another tig out one here if it shoots. finally get the opportunity to go out in the real world and really learn how to weld. on the job and not in a test booth


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                    I do instrumentation and process control. Just hired on at a new sewage treatment plant that seems to be a pretty exciting opportunity.

                    An old Brit once told me "where there's muck there's brass". Think that's gonna be my new screensaver

                    My TIG machine is to support my racing habit.......
                    Miller Diversion 165
                    1966 Bridgeport Mill
                    Leblond 15x 35 Regal Servoshift lathe
                    Solberga SE 1425 Drill Press
                    Bigass Bandsaw
                    Hydraulic press
                    small surface grinder
                    Belt sander
                    Tons of grinders and hand tools
                    Knife edge Balancing rollers
                    Heat and AC in the garage

                    Jags and racing Triumphs


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                      Plays in the dirt

                      I am a landscaper in Southwest Montana, Big Sky country. I do everything from plant tree's and shrubs to build flagstone and paver patio's. Irrigation, steel edging, bolder retaining walls, skid loaders, excavators, sod, the list goes on and on. In the winter the company sells Christmas tree's, and we do some shop work, repairs, fabrication and such. I also Pastor a church that I started 3 years ago, I do stay a bit busy. I have been bit by the welding bug hard this last winter, and any welding I do is either at the shop (very little) or for my own personal enjoyment hobby and relaxiation. I plan on buying my first welder in about 2 or 3 months.


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                        My job

                        I am a 23-year IBEW electrician. Mostly on large commercial/industrial/powerhouse/nuke jobs. I am working towards getting my journeyman welding classification to give myself more job opportunities. I am currently taking instruction at a technical college. I really enjoy the challenge and I am looking forward to learning everything I can. This site has been very helpful in achieving that goal. Thanks all.


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                          Retired and enjoying every **** minute of it

                          I spent 8yrs, 2 mos, 16 days in the Navy - then 34 years in the medical device field. Started in field service, then sales and marketing and then a staff position. I was bored so I decide to retire and have some fun.

                          The economy slowed me down a little because of the market but I still have enough to live comfortably, I hope.

                          I moved back to Texas, built a retirement home with an 1800 square foot garage - there is room for a lift and my toys, this is where I spend most of my time. I do a little wood working, a little automobile transformation - currently putting a Ford 5.0L V8 in a little '99 Miata. Then I do some hobby welding. I started with Oxy welding years ago, 50 or so.... I bought a Lincoln Mig a few years ago and then recently a New Miller Syncro 200 and I am learning to Tig. I am going to start a class at local JC June 7th - in the mean time I have gone thru 2 tanks of gas and many tungsten electrodes, contaminated a few while dipping.

                          I have always admired a good looking weld and those that could produce them. I remember making a set of headers for an engine swap when I was about 18 years old. They were not purdy but they worked and didn't leak that bad either. This is how I remember them anyway.

                          Excuse me - I have to get back to my "Honey-dos" now!
                          Roger Troue

                          Retired since 2004

                          Miller 211
                          Miller 200 Syncro
                          Miller 375 Extreme


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                            I've been a software engineer for 25 years (currently at Apple). A few years ago I got bitten by the homebrew CNC bug and have been building NC milling machines at home since.

                            Homebrew CNC machines never seem strong enough, so I decided my next machine's table needs to be made of steel.

                            So, I've now got a Diversion 180 TIG and am having a blast learning how to use it. TIG seemed to be the right process for me, since I'm pretty good at fine pitch soldering and I like the slower, more controlled pace.

                            Back to the garage for more practice!


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                              i run a mobile welding and repair service as well as consulting .but due to the economy i've had to relocate from az to tx to make a go at it here i like it here much better great people and better weather
                              my welding was self taught and by reading and watching others
                              i took a welding class through the union and it was ok but i spent most of my time teaching others
                              someone please tell me I'm wrong


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                                Systems Architect (Engineer for large computer systems).

                                I learned to weld because I couldn't bear to pay someone a fortune to come out and make repairs to my skid steer, trailer and truck. Welding helps keep me from going insane with the stupidity I encounter at work.

                                Started with OA, got an AC/DC stick welder this year and love it. Have repaired mowers, a cement mixer, made steel security doors, plant hangers, repaired heavy equipment trailer and built tractor implements.