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  • what is your job?

    i just wanna see what dif. kinds of things people do out there with welding
    so post your job also where did you learn to weld did you go to school if so what school

    i work for a company called BAE systems and i install armor into gov't vehicles for fbi cia secret service police etc. and i went to HIWT

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    Zack so you went to hobart. Outstanding.Thats one place I'd love to see.
    Is it really all thats its cracked up to be?

    I attended Apex tech in New York. Currently I work for a company that makes all types of heavy machinery parts along with amour plating for a new tactical vehicle for uncle sam
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      Working as a welder/ fitter at Ty-Crop Mfg.

      Currently taking my C-Level at UCFV, best trades school in BC. Mabye elsewhere too.
      Owner of Burnt Beard Fabrication & Welding Ltd.

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        Airline pilot. Build fast airplanes for kicks.



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          I have worked with metal since High School back in the 60's but only took up welding about 5 years ago. Went to our local tech school to learn stick, mig and tig. As of now, I do mostly stick and some mig.

          I work for a local municipality wearing many hats, sometimes a couple at one time. As far as welding I weld to repair equipment in the field or in the shop, on police vehicles or in the station & office, design and fabricate many new items for use in the shop and around the municipality.

          What else is there besides welding and riding. Besides that

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            Zack; you got yourself in the right line of work! My high school had a 2 year voc. program that was 4 hrs. a day junior & senior year. In my opinion this country needs more of them. I also attended Ivy Tech for a few semesters.

            I currently work for an oilfield service company repairing heavy and light equipment; mild, cast, alu., you name it. Past jobs have included repairing cracked rear end housings for CAT, Crane repairs, shot blasts' repair, mass producing tractor trailer suspension systems, rail car production, bifurcation tubes for hydro plants, pneumatic painting systems, fish bypass systems 4 ****s, coal dump boxes along w various other mining equipment. You can work almost anywhere in the world if you are a competent hand w good work ethics. Learn everything you can; show others if it helps them out and don't forget to buy boot strings in bulk!


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              Originally posted by weldone View Post
              Zack so you went to hobart. Outstanding.Thats one place I'd love to see.
              Is it really all thats its cracked up to be?

              I attended Apex tech in New York. Currently I work for a company that makes all types of heavy machinery parts along with amour plating for a new tactical vehicle for uncle sam
              i really liked hobart you def. have alot of options on what you wanna do after you graduate from there it was really a great school


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                I build off road toys!


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                  I myself work in engineering in a R&D lab doing mechanial and fluid dynamics development as well as some mechanical failure analaysis of ferrous and non ferrous materials. I also design, build and repair components for certified and experimental aircraft ( most materials ).

                  "Better Metalworking Through Research"

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                    what is your job?

                    I work as a welder/fabricator/machinist restoring old trolley cars for the Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport Maine.


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                      I am in the Water Well Service industry and work primarily as a pump installer. Right now, I am an Apprentice under my father's Master Pump Installer licence, but will be getting my licence soon in the future. We weld up parts as a custom fabricator because no one does work like we need for pump installations. We make our own Pit-less Adapter units for Wellhead completion or conversion from a pit or barrel. We use Maass Weld On Pit-less adpaters, just cut the right size and length of steel pipe needed for a job. No two jobs are alike and tend to happen in spurts. We make our own base plates and discharges for irrigation wells. Again, each job is different and no two are ever the same. Also, we fabricate our own tooling and bailing buckets to use in our work. What we use in our work is not generally available and is best made in house. Safety is also a top concern and goes into every item we build. Work smarter, not harder.

                      As far as learning how to weld, I learned from my dad and his dad taught him. There are times I think going to an evening class at the Local Junior College might help me learn more. I do know, the more I weld, the more my skills improve and the better my finished product looks over time.

                      My most recent welding project was sealing up open bar holes in the top of a steel cased irrigation well. Lucky for me, they were near the surface just under the well block. The actual hard part we getting the block re-centered and level over the wellhead. Now, our customers well is in compliance with state code for surface seal and completion.

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                        I own & operate a 1 man sign shop. Been at it for a little over 20 years. I use my welding mostly for my hobby a 70 camaro 25.4 tube chassis (TIG). I use the welder occasionally in the sign business for sign frames & various brackets, etc. I learned to stick weld back on the farm many years ago. And, at one time I was a welder at Winnebago Ind. (MIG) welding bumper brackets.


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                          I was a brewer for a microbrewery overseas till we moved back to the states recently, I just recently got done with welding school at tulsa welding school, and Im also a Padi Scubadiving Instructor. I have to say that welding is a cool job, but being a Padi Scubadiving Instructor is much better. Id rather stare at women in bikini's all day then some dude's a$$ crack on the job site, I think youll all agree.

                          This is my current home brewery

                          Padi Instructor's rough day on the job. Im the one on the left.

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                            I am a software engineer.

                            I have my Bach. in Computer Science and am almost done with my Masters degree in Software Engineering from U of Michigan. I took up welding because I had two plates that had to be stuck together. Ever since then I have been looking for things to weld. I love it, but for now it is mostly a hobby. I plan on taking some welding courses this summer at the local community college.


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                              I currently work for an outfit called CB Fabrications out of Woodward, OK. It's just a small business that a friend of mine and I started. We build and maintain various agricultural supplies (hay feeders, gates, fences, machinery repair, etc.). We also build various truck accessories (headache racks, tailgates, etc.). We just got our portable unit (Lincoln SA200 on an 84 Ford) goin so we can do some work outside of the shop. I'll try to post some pictures of our work when I get to my house and have access to them

                              On July 11th, I ship out to Great Lakes, IL with the U.S. Navy to train to be a welder, so I'll get my official training there.
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