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CAC-A with Millermatic 252?

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  • CAC-A with Millermatic 252?

    Can it be done?

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    NO! Not possible. Best be looking for a BIG CC machine.
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      What about a Dynasty 200, with small carbons? I know it doesn't have the ***** to really go to town, but would running air carbons actually damage it as long is you don't overload it? Definately not going to try it without knowing.
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        I called a friend that works at Miller and got his advice. I've done it with a Deltaweld (CV) many, many times, so I knew it is possible. I'll probably pick up small arc rig and give it a try. Sooooooooo much easier than grinding!

        "With small carbons i.e. 1/8 and under yes. Although I would rec a CC
        machine due tot he volt/amp curve. You can carry longer arc lengths
        without carbon pick up in a CC mode. You will also have to jumper the
        trigger leads and opend the drive rolls to keep from feeding wire every


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          Why would you want to gouge with a 1/8 carbon?
          Save a lot of trouble and use a scarfing tip.


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            What if I don't own torches?

            Big torches are nice for thick material, but sometimes slowing down and using a small carbon makes neater work and less clean-up later.


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              What is CAC-A?
              Old Chief


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                carbon arc cutting - air

                Google "arc gouge" and you can find out plenty.