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120volt dc to 120volt ac converter

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  • 120volt dc to 120volt ac converter

    Many older Lincoln engine driven welders put out 15 amps of 120volt DC power. Does anybody know of a readily availble device to convert the DC to AC? It's only 15 amps maximum so wouldn't have to be very big. This would allow me to run more than just a small grinder or incandescent light.

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    You can always run a 1500 watt inverter off your battery, though you can still run alot of tools off that 15 amp auxillary. What where you trying to run?


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      120volt dc tools

      Some of the tools just say AC on them now, but might still be able to run on DC. The small Makita grinders and drills are still AC/DC. I wanted to run the miller 251 HF unit for Tig welding. Obviously this would run on 115volt AC only. Thanks cruiser for the idea about the inverter. I certainly wouldn't need a very big inverter. I also only need HF to start on steel. I don't care for scratch starting.


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        I can't recal seeing any small inverters that accept a 120VDC input. They are all 12VDC inputs from what I know of them.

        I'd look for a small motor-generator with a DC dirve motor and an altenator.

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