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Dynasty 200dx,350, Or Syncrowave 250dx

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  • Dynasty 200dx,350, Or Syncrowave 250dx

    I Have Been Tig Welding With A Lincoln Precision Tig 185 For About 2 Years And Want To Step Up To A Better Machine. Really Like The Dynasty 200dx, But Wonder If It Has Enough Amperage. Dynasty 350 Is A Whole Lot More Money. I Would Consider A Syncrowave 250dx, But I Like The Inverter Machines. I Will Mainly Be Welding 1/16"-3/16" Aluminum And Ocasional 1/4". I Also Will Weld Alot Of 4130 Chrome Moly Tubing For Atv And Motorcycle Chassis Componets. Any Recomendations On What Machine Would Best Suite My Needs Would Be Appreciated. Also, If I Decide To Go With Dynasty 200dx, Should I Add The Coolmate 3 And Water Cooled Torch?

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    If you are planning a lot of maxed out work for the Dynasty the cooler while not an absolute requirement but be a nice addition.

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      I'm curious what it is about your Precision TIG 185 that you find inadequate? Does it not have enough power?

      I have a Dynasty 200DX, and I love it. However, I have also used a Precision TIG 185 quite a bit, and I thought it was a pretty good machine (especially for the money). Of course, with the inverters you have frequency control, which is great for aluminum, but I don't think that I'd trade out a good PT 185 and then spend the substantial extra money for a Dynasty 200DX.

      If you said that you needed more portability, the ability to use 110 (or other) power sources, or programmability for repeat welds, then I'd say go for the 200DX. If you need more power, then go for the Dynasty 350.

      That's my $.02


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        IMO all of the GTAW machines under 200 amps out are a wast of money, save for the ones that use 110v input.

        I have many hours cursing a Syncrowave 180 and the Lincoln equal as well the (ESAB 161 inverter). Waiting for them to cool down so as to continue welding.

        In several hundred hours in with my Dynasty 200DX I have yet to have the internal thermal overload trip. The cooling system (machine cooling)is by far superior to any machine I have ever used.

        With all that said I am not one to advocate pi$$ing money a way, why would you want to out the Lincoln at this time?
        I can appreciate the desire for better control available with the 200 or 350 Dynasty, or just the power of the 350.

        If I were not so focused, in my business, on portable welding, I would love to have the Dynasty 350. As it is my 200DX spends as much time in the field as in my shop.

        What is the motivation here????



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          i found 1/4" Al to be the practical limit on the 200A tig machines in AC polarity. i had a lincoln invertec v205 and do a lot of work with 1/4" x 1" Al square bar.
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