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We started building a extra heavy duty roller

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  • We started building a extra heavy duty roller

    One of my steel suppliers has a 36" hand roller, I went and picked it up today so that I could copy off of it.

    I rolled 24" of 10 ga with out a problem,

    I also did a 4" wide x 1/2" thick pc. the 1/2 was pretty tuff but it was doing it.
    Most of the rollers I see are maxed out doing 16 ga.

    Ill show pics when its done.

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    show us pic's of the donor roller?? a 36" slip roll would be sweet. thats what you are making yes ??
    cant wait to see the finished project. don't forget to save us the bearing #'s or sizes. TSC has a decent supply but i don't know how they compare for $$.
    man i love home made tool's
    thanks for the help
    hope i helped
    feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat. [email protected]
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      Cool, Can't wait for pics...Bob
      Bob Wright


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        Let this onw slip!

        I sold my 8 ft 3/8 plate when i sold the building!

        Buddy of mine had this 5 fter,, and let it skip,My fault,Things were so hectick,and you are also helping him,,Well loose some. and ya lose some
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          i got ya all beat, roller where i am does 1.5" at 10ft
          maxstar 150


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            A big power roller would be great, however I dont have that much room for the amount that I would use it.

            I cant wait to get it finished, The rollers are 36" long and made out of DOM tube 3" OD with a 1/2" wall, The bearings are a simple 2" OD with a 1" bore sealed bearing with no housing.

            They will press into the side plate frame which is 3/4" plate.

            I just need my brother in law to bore the 2" holes in the 3/4" plate for the bearings to press into.