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    a little trick we used to use when i was doing fiberglass boat repair in the navy was to coat all bare skin with corn starch. it plugs the skin pores and the fiberglass can't get embedded so when you wash your hands or shower the glass washes off with the corn starch.
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      Originally posted by captkipp View Post
      I suffered from "blanket itch" so badly.....

      Contact a company called AVS Fabrics. I did some research on this. They make a cloth that is spun from silica. ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE !

      Baby _ss smooth, no itch easy to handle, etc. etc. Stuff isn't cheap. But call the sales office. They have seconds that have marks on it and they can't sell it to the high profile refractories that use this stuff. Have a local canvas shop sew up the edges and have at it. I bought two sections of the stuff, a total of nine linear yards and it was 5 feet wide as well. I keep four blankets on the truck. I weld mostly on fancy boats.

      Guaranteed, you will NEVER go back to fiberglass. EVER. Oh and the stuff is washable, too.

      We use stuff similar to their preshrunk fabric. We weld over it, cut with a torch, carbon arc into it. It's pretty much impenetrable. I've cut a hole in it before and use it like a parka to weld overhead. And even when it frays, it doesnt bother your skin at all. but yes, I've been told its super expensive.