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  • miller Vs Hobart

    I understand that Miller and Hobart welders come off of the same assembly line. Is Hobart considered a homeowner grade, and Miller a professional grade? I want to get into tig welding. I wil beusing the tig welder to weld .083 chrome moly tubing no allummnun. Can anyone give me a good direction to go?

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    I don't think Hobart makes much in the way of good TIG units, i would go Miller. The budget path is the Sync 200 package. Lots of good for a very reasonable price.
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      miller and hobart are not on the same line, that said the max star 150 would take care of your needs. they have a nice ready to go package with it now. or the syncrowave 200 would be a good choice if you have the power to run it. the max star 150 will run off 120V low amp circuit. the syncro will need 240V and about 60 amp's. but it will give you more options for down the road as well as extra power on the top end.
      depending on your budget and your available power ?? this will make the biggest difference as any of Millers TIG units will do the job you want to do. just a question of how fancy you want to get..
      is it for home or shop work ?? what power do you have to plug it into ?? do you foresee any growth in your needs ?? what kind of $$ do you have to spend ?? and how tight is the budget, would a little more $$ be worth spending to get a bit more welder than is needed to allow for growth ??

      TIG is expensive, no way around that. just need to decide how much to invest and how long before you outgrow that investment.
      thanks for the help
      hope i helped
      feel free to shoot me an e-mail direct i have time to chat.
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        That lil Maxstar 150 sure is cute
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          So much for size mattering...
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          and a wish list a mile long


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            Hobart's factory is in Troy, OH; Miller's is in Appelton, WI.

            Generally, the Miller line is a more robust, industrial duty rated product, but there are a lot of nice offerings from Hobart, too.

            I have had the opportunity to run the Handler 210 and the Millermatic 210 side-by-side, and for anything within the ratings of the two machines, it's hard to tell the difference. Actually, I like the arc start on the Handler a little better!

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              thanks guys

              thanks guys for your input.


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                Miller and Hobart both make good equipment, however, Miller is designed and rated more industrial. For example, the outputs of Miller equipment are rated at 104 F, Hobart is rated at 86 F.
                Have a great day!

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                  Now that is useful info

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                    I hadn't noticed that, very interesting.
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                      Originally posted by Miller John View Post
                      Miller and Hobart both make good equipment, however, Miller is designed and rated more industrial. For example, the outputs of Miller equipment are rated at 104 F, Hobart is rated at 86 F.
                      Hobart doesn't even make industrial equiptment. Hobarts most powerful machine is only 250 amps! Miller has machines capable of over 600 amps. And sub arc machines up to 1000 Amps.