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  • Mag Drill??

    Looking into purchising a Magnetic drill. What brand to you guys have or prefer, Millwakee, Hougen, Jancy, etc???

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    I have a jancy JM101 have had it 8 yrs and has never let me down also i have the 2 " deep cutters bought them with the drill instead of the 1" deep.They make many different new models as i said mine is old.


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      It all depends on your application and intended usage.

      I REALLY like the Hougen HMD150 for getting into tight places and drilling frame rails etc. and for overall fabrication work. Nice, light, and compact. Rotoloc Annular Cutters 1 Depth of Cut. Did a very nice job for me.

      I've also had very good experiences with the Milwaukee 1/2" Mag drill (sorry, do not remember the #) It was a much heavier drill. Quite a bit harder to move around & adjust, and came with a standard Jacobs 1/2" chuck. Despite being a bit of a behemoth, it also did a very nice job.

      If I had to choose between the two, for MY applications, I would definitely purchase a Hougen.

      Hope it helps.

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        cleveland steel tool mag drill

        I just recently bought a mag drill from these guys,it was fairly cheap and their prices for the cutters are really good.So far I'm happy with it although I have nothing to compare it to.Drilling through 1/2 inch plate with a 1" cutter takes approx 20 seconds so seems alright to me.It also comes with a 1/2" drill chuck.


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            I have a Milwaukee but the Hougen is a better value cutter wise IMO!

            Good luck!



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              I chose CS Unitec. The owner of the company actually took my order, nice guy too. He sounded like a hands on type of businessman. He knew his product and was able to help me choose the right drill and cutters.


              I would buy from him again.


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                at we got the dewalt (i cant remember the model #)
                they quit making it and parts for it .
                it sucks! it wont stay stuck to your work. it pulls off really easy.
                it also bogs down easily
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                  For Quality and light weight the Jancy M-101 and the hougan are top of the line.

                  I own the jancy and like the light weight.

                  I was just at a waste water treatment plant erecting a crane and the fab shop forgot to drill 2 holes 7/8 Dia.

                  No problem, up the ladder, straped it upside down to the beam, located drill bit,turned magnet on and drilled away.

                  Try doing that with a huge mag drill by yourself.

                  The small Jancy and the Hougan weigh about 26Lbs.

                  They also have larger models.


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                    We've got them all. They're all good. Most guys like the compact machines because their easier to handle. If you can find one with an offset to drill in corners, it's a really handy feature but the gearbox is just another thing to fail.
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                      mag drill

                      Originally posted by BUDDY View Post
                      Looking into purchising a Magnetic drill. What brand to you guys have or prefer, Millwakee, Hougen, Jancy, etc???
                      I dont know a whole bunch about mag drills and the best brands but I myself have a Walter and it works real well, never powers out or lifts off the work piece. I dont know where it stands in the line of names but it works fine for me.
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                        I just ordered a Handy Mag I from Cleveland Steel Tool today. Looks to be a rebadged Evolution, but I'll know more when I get it. They are super friendly and helpful. Price wasn't bad either. How about $637 shipped with 3-1/2" cutters and 3-3/4 cutters? That would have been almost 800 elsewhere on the web and nearly 950 locally. Basic machine is $549 and the are running a special now until 3/31...50 bucks off an order over 500 clams.

                        I have seen that Hougen HMD150 in action. That is a cool drill if you need to get into tight spaces, like truck rails....which is what I was working on at the time.

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