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Newbie: Exhaust Fabrication using a MIG?

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    They have electricity in Oz, lightning storms do not count?
    Would 50 cycle in Oz make a difference vs 60 cycle in the US
    on the welders operation?


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      Originally posted by burninbriar View Post
      If this one exhaust system is all you will do then you would be way ahead of the game to pay for someone to do it.
      If you like playing in the shop, then you should get something that will handle all you're future needs, if the 180 will do it, fine, but don't cut yourself short on capability. Its always better to have a little more you don't need than to not have enough. If you don't have enough, you might as well have nothing at all.
      I hope that came out right.
      Yup, I understand what you meant

      This exhaust is my first project, but I intend to build a workbench in my garage and play around with different exhaust configurations and building intercoolers etc, so I intend to do a lot more than just this single exhaust.

      Hopefully I get good enough to produce my own aftermarket exhaust systems and sell them for a bit of money on the side Therefore, this is a bit of an investment into a pretty exciting hobby and hopefully the work I produce out of it will give a good return on investment


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        I like your thinking go for it.
        On ebay there is a mint condition slightly used Synchrowave 250 going for $16 or $1,700. It can be reboxed and sold as new the way it looks.
        This would be what you want for your future exhaust building adventures.


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          An other (personal) rule of thumb I use when sizing a piece of equipment is to not have it maxed out in normal use. For example, I would not pick a welder rated for 1/8" if I were to be welding 1/8" on a regular basis, I would go for something rated for 3/16, or bigger if the budget allows. This holds true for me if I'm buying something to cut, weld, slice or bend. Basically all equipment. I don't mind maxing out, just not on a regular basis.
          To all who contribute to this board.
          My sincere thanks , Pete.

          Pureox OA
          Westinghouse 300 amp AC stick
          Miller Syncrowave 250
          Hexacon 250 watt solder iron


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            I think the welders are sized about right for my garage hobby playing.
            First Mig welding project a custom exhaust with mandrel bends with the
            Millermatic 251 that has a 30A gun. First Tig project was a aluminum underwater camera housing with the Synchrowave 350. Pieces made on the lathe and Bridgeport. Future project 10 gallon batch All Grain brewing.
            Let the electric meter spin.