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Miller 185 Mig welder

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  • Miller 185 Mig welder

    I'm working out a deal for a Miller 185 mig welder. The machine is in pretty good shape. Anyone know of issues with this model of machine.
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    I have a MM185 that I bought new about 8 years ago. It has served me well, though it does have a few minor issues for me. The M-15 torch that it comes with is not the greatest, but has worked for many years. The drive roll configuration is also a little weak, but again it couldn't be too bad or it would not have lasted as long. I had put a spool gun on mine with the kit but never really liked the operation of the spool gun with it. I eventually bought a contactor and now run the spool gun off my trailblazer. I also bump up against the upper limits of this machine quite a bit now, as I weld more and more 3/8" and 1/2" plate. It tripped the thermal switch on me about two weeks ago in the middle of some long welds on 1/4" plate. That was the first time it had ever done that, but they were long welds, and I didn't rest at all between them.
    Overall, it is a good machine and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it as long as you weld 1/4" or under most and 3/8" to 1/2" only occasionally.


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      I have a 1999 MM185 and its great. I have the spoolgun also. Never a bit of problems with the welder...Bob
      Bob Wright

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        My experience with a MM 185 is limited to steel and SS.

        The MM 185 is a pretty good unit. Especially, if your intended usage is primarily 1/4" and thinner. The short arc characteristics and weld puddle wet out are pretty good. It performs real well, with an .030 ER70S-6 Radnor wire.

        The wire drive is definitely the main weakness on this unit. I would be hesitant to run any longer then a 12' gun on a MM 185. This is definitely one area(wire drive) that Miller made a substantual improvement on when they replaced the 185 with the 210