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    I agree on a classified section and maybe a "vent" area.
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      IMO I'm an organization nut, but when it comes to forums, too many sections is bad. I just come here from time to time and browse the posts, if I've got to hit several sections it becomes tiresome. I also think you'll end up with a few dead section that get very little use.
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        I agree with many others comments, one login is definitely a plus (no idea why it was set up that way originally, it seemed a little strange when I first found it that I has to sign up again for essentially the same site). Also, having a Classified ads section would be a very good idea, especially for those of us still in the process of acquiring equipment for our shops, or upgrading as we outgrow our current setup.

        I to am concerned about too many categories, and the thought of having the option of a 'view all', removing the category structure to basically just view a message dump in whatever order you sort by, would be a great thing, if your software can manage it. Tagging is also nice, not sure if ppl would use it, but it seems unobtrusive, and would be another option for us to search by, though like you said, the current search may be robust enough to handle it.

        All in all, I think you have a good idea, and you seem to be responsive to your end users, which I feel is a very good idea to keep this forum active. I belong to may others, some in IT related subjects, others in woodworking, and am suprised at the lack of activity in some. I'm talking about a new post a day, or less... I don't ever see that happening to your site, but if you follow your current path, the KISS method of forum development, I think you're going to end up with a nice, logical place for us to gather and discuss all things welding (and sometimes things _other_ than welding )

        Looking forward to seeing it!


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          I think that the proposed changes sound good.
          There seems to be a couple people that don't like it, but they probably wouldn't like any change, or even if it stayed the same they would still be unhappy.
          Begiiners section? Pro section? Oh goody! what happens if a beginner ould post in the pro section? then would he be banned


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            I'm kind of with Jeff on the Beginner & Pro section. It's really not going to work. That has alway kind of been a pet peeve of mine on these sites - having such an intermingling of amateurs & professionals, that the newcomer gets fed a lot of incorrect information, unless the unknowing amateurs are shut down, or the newcomer reads enough to see through the smoke.

            For those of us who have spent a period of time on these sites, and have the experience under our belts to know what is correct and what is total bunk, it is quite easy to differentiate from the professional tradesman to the hobby welder. For the newcomber, this is a daunting task.

            How do we fix it??? I really don't know. Maybe a suggestion would be introducing a title change under our screen name. Possible choices could be Professional Tradesman, Hobby Welder, and Welder in Training (For all of the adults taking schooling for welding trades and for the young fellers taking classes in High School).

            The Junior & Senior member system doesn't work because it more of less runs off of post count which is not a true indicator of an individuals knowledge or experience. To the newcomer, the current system does not differentiate the credentials of our various members very accurately.

            I am in no way implying that hobby welders do not have experience or skills related to welding, just that they do not do it day in and day out for a living. This dedication to the welding trades, puts us, the Professional Tradesman on a different level in terms of knowledge and practical experience. The newcomer could then be confident that the information offered to him/her was from a documented reliable source other than a "Senior Member" with unknown credentials.

            The Professiona Tradesman could be broke down a little further (with a - then sub class) to differentiate between Pipeliners, Fabrication Welders, and Mechanics to further assure the newcomer, that the response is coming from a member with experience related to the topic in question.

            Maybe I'm way out to lunch here, but this has irritated me for a very long time......Having an unknowledgable newcomer ask you a question one day, then quote your response, word for word, and offer it up as his/her own opinion the next.

            There is no shame in not knowing.

            There is no shame in asking questions to learn.

            We all gather here to share information & experiences.

            We just need to cut down on the "imposters" trying to pass themselves off as professional tradesman, and offering bad information up as fact. It perpetuates ignorance and can be very dangerous. It diminishes our reputation (the professional welders) and the credibility of sites like this one.

            Welding is serious stuff when the health & well being of another can be affected. If I was a newcomber, I would want to be assured I was getting information from a credible source.

            Rant over.

            One good thing about combining the two sites is we should eliminate the double posting, same questions word for word on both Miller sites.

            I've seen members post identical questions on both Miller's, Hobart Weld Talk, Shop Floor Talk, Welding Web, etc etc and I wonder how many responses does one individual need???

            Maybe it's just me.


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              Originally posted by Black Wolf View Post

              We just need to cut down on the "imposters" trying to pass themselves off as professional tradesman, and offering bad information up as fact. It perpetuates ignorance and can be very dangerous. It diminishes our reputation (the professional welders) and the credibility of sites like this one.

              Welding is serious stuff when the health & well being of another can be affected. If I was a newcomber, I would want to be assured I was getting information from a credible source.

              Maybe it's just me.


              My thoughts exactly on this one. Ive noticed individuals that seem to be "experts on everything", sounds like my old German boss. Anyway I like the idea of "titles" being more descriptive, but thats trusting the honesty of the person still. Perhaps having something like a level of experience as well as an area listed is not so bad of an idea if there was some way to "watchdog" it. Perhaps a Miller given written test of some sort? but thats a lot of work.

              I think as long as we dont have pipe fitters trying to answer questions about chassis building, and us "light gauge" guys trying to help someone weld a 14" pipe we will be fine.

              Im sure everything will work out, the fist fights will be minimal, and the arguments kept calm and factual.

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                I would like to go with the fewer is better group....Some of the more recent off track conversation has kind of splintered the forum but I don't think that is a good reason to break up the general shared information that is so valuable here. I have been floating around here for a while and one of the things that I look forward to is taking a quick look when I can without having to wade through different sections. Thanks,JEFF
                And welcome back ANDY, your partners are doing a great service for all of us but is it good to see that you are still around!
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                  OK I will give my views on this and hope not to offend anyone.
                  I don't like the double posting....I don't like loggin' in twice either.
                  But I really don't care to hang out at other forums either and the simple layout is one reason why even tho I realize I can change my screen view many will choose not to.
                  The same topic is posed to the projects forum and yesterday the majority said leave it alone. I think they are happy in their own world. I am glad about that. There ARE people over there that act like experts even tho they are not. I know we have them here but they got some that answers everything.
                  I have been a racing nut for my whole life and love building engines and welding anything. I have never been overly fond of the term "Gearhead" was usually used in a way to make me feel inferior. I doubt the project people would want a name like "part timers" or whatever. It just doesn't set well with me. The title Motorsports attracted me here in the first place and since then I have bought a few thousand bucks worth of Miller stuff as well.
                  I have been on forums that have an off topic section and it turns into jokes and current event links. Sorta cool I guess but sometimes you wish you didn't know certain people anymore.
                  I think a "welding discussions" category would be redundant. The whole forum is discussing welding. Maybe a "Pro Welder" section could work tho?
                  I do think a classified section would be wonderful
                  Admin I admire your tenacity....altho I am getting the feeling that you are fishing. I realize you want to make your job easier and make everybody happier at the same time...don't just ask questions untill you wear us out and hear what you wanna hear....PLEASE!!!
                  I come on here about everyday after work (welding)and read untill bed while watching TV. After years and years I am still fanatical about my job and the equipment to do it. I was beside myself when I discovered this forum last year and have found a renewed interest since then directly because of this site. I simply read a lot and post little...I find that way I learn a bunch more.
                  On the projects side I read a lot and almost never post...just too much B.S. for my taste. If you post the truth you find yourself challenging advice of self proclaimed "know it alls" too many times for me. Other forums like SFT and WW fill the gap better for me when this place is moving slow. I am a very small presense there and mainly read. Not that I am anything much here to go on about either. I will say tho when you mix the two groups together yer gonna see some people get pissed off and leave so do the change as slow as possible to leave the main group intact. Perfectionists tend to resist change!!
                  I feel like Miller is a cutting edge company that is a model for our continent in a time when we are wondering what the next chinese "killer" product will another thread we have been discussing how Miller overthought the Dynasty 350 and now has a overpriced machine that is too complicated....that COULD happen here. I believe that you don't want to see that happen tho.
                  I am not even close to being a computer expert but I would think that using software that would allow combining the forums AS IS and then adding in other categories as the need arises would be a good idea.
                  Maybe have a poll for a suggested category as they become requested.
                  As for all the arguements ...well if you frequent other forums you will find they are everywhere and they tend to blow over...Miller handles this better than anyone IMHO. They will continue to happen and I actually enjoy reading some of them!!
                  Now that I got all that off my chest I can go back into my corner. I hope I didn't ruffle any feathers ...just MY opinions here!!

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                    Personally, I think the tag idea is the best so far. For people who like the current format (myself) there wouldn't be a big change. But if you did want to narrow down your search you would have the capability. Seems like the best of both worlds.
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                      It's not clear to me what the "new posts" button actually presents.. It doesn't appear to be clock related (for instance, everything since midnight) and it doesn't appear to be based on a cookie drop. I did an experiment, in which I clicked on New Posts, viewed a few, but not all, and then shut my browser down and brought it back up - when I checked New Posts again, it still was showing all of them, but when I came back a couple hors later, the New Posts displayed only posts from the last couple of hours. I bring this up in this discussion, as this has been proposed as an alternative for us that might want to just get a linear view of all posts, rather than having to jump to separate headings to see all new posts.
                      I'm a hobby welder, but I really like viewing all of the posts ( especially the Pros) and usually rate which ones to look at first by the thread title. I've belonged to a couple of other forums that have tried to segregate topics and it does become a PITA to try to find all of the new posts.. In regards to classifying forum users, I'm not sure if the current way is all that bad, perhaps if the method for attaining Senior method status was based in part on peer rating of threads or thread replies, (if a Senior member felt that a reply from a Junior member was pure BS, "mod it down") the issue of just posting a lot of replies gaining you Senior status would diminish..

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                        As far as member status is concerned, I never use it to determine the quality of a response and I can't see why anyone would.It would be practically impossible to have a status name that would accurately describe someone. How could you possibly verify everyones qualifications? I personally make a point of letting everyone know I am not a professional whenever I am not 100 percent sure of my response and I know I'm not alone in doing so. Maybe member status could be eliminated being that you can look at the persons post count if that is important to you. I have a large post count mainly due to the fact that I'm disabled and sit at the computer more than someone with a job and the senior status doesn't make my posts one bit more valuable.

                        Back to the category subject, it seems that most like things like they are but I'm sure this wouldn't be a concern if there was not a good reason to make it one board. I can see how an off topic category could get out of hand, especially if politics gets discussed, but I have seen the off topic section work very well on the fly tying forum I belong too.The only other category I can think of that would make sense to me would be a welder and machinery repair and service.
                        That would make a four category board:
                        Off topic;
                        Motor sports;
                        Welder/Machinery repair & service;

                        5 category's if you want to add a for sale category but I have seen this on other forums and it doesn't seem to go over well, off course that doesn't mean it wouldn't here.
                        To all who contribute to this board.
                        My sincere thanks , Pete.

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                          If you have a "for sale" category, I propose some rules.

                          1. put "FS" or "WTB" in each title.
                          2. Put your location in each title.
                          3. Post a price for each item in your add.

                          Simple rules to save everyone time.


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                            Here's what we know now, based on input from you and our outside design team.

                            We will definitly limit the catagories. There will be no listings or reference to beginner or professional welder. The catagories will NOT be broken up by processes.(mig, tig etc) Everyone seems to like the "for sale" section. (the logistics of this is still being explored)
                            We will meld the two forums so there is only one sign in. Those who wish to stay posting with in their respective forum can still do that.

                            Stay tuned.



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                              I guess that's fair enough Andy, thanks for the response.

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                                Thank you for your feedback regarding our message boards.

                                Somewhat echoing Andy, there are no plans to create categories beyond the handful we've proposed, and based on your responses, we may decide to reduce the number of categories we have proposed further. A few new ideas have come to light as well, so stay tuned!

                                We do have plans to merge the two forums into one so there is only one sign in. Those who wish to stay posting within their respective forum can still do that. We will have at least two categories, one for projects and one for Motorsports (possibly renamed GearHeads). We will let you know more when we do!

                                If you have more to add, please feel free to continue posting responses, we will continue to check back.

                                Thanks much!