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metal for go-kart frame??

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    Originally posted by maudeb View Post
    most any thing metal you have on hand. and to some of the others i thought this was a friendly forum but it does not seem like it
    And there's a friendly answer that can get someone killed.


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      Originally posted by monte55 View Post
      Hey Mac.........why do you not tell the ones with electrical questions to google. If you didn't like the question then why did you post.

      If all we had to do to get info is to google....then this forum is not necessary
      for just about everything has been discussed at one time or another and to search would find it. But we do have the forum and this is how it is used. Lighten up!!
      You are imputing motives. My asking if he's already searched (and therefore needs something more specific) is not unfriendly unless one wishes to take it that way. My time online here is very expensive. I type fast and sometimes curtly. Deal with the facts.

      I also don't build go karts and cannot directly answer the question, but I can help him to give us more details so that when those who do build karts get here they can more directly answer the question.

      I also see liability issues when they are that stinkin' obvious.


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        Originally posted by Barco pipe kid View Post
        I am going to build a go-kart and I am wondering what would be a suitable material for the frame?

        Check this one out.


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          1 in hss or some 1" tubing would work as long as u x brace in all the right places. if u have questions just pm me and i can help u with out all the negative feed back.

          and for all u on here that just criticize when a guy has a question dont post a reply. u are the ones that have made this forum get soo much bad feed back, it looks bad for all us professional welders that try to understand and help out some one that has a question.we all have questions at one point or another. JUST GIVE IT UP!
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            Okay, this is going to cost me about a $1.50 to post, but apparently it's worth it.

            If I offended anyone in my curtness or defense thereof, I sincerely apologize.

            But I will also defend myself in that I doubt anyone here thinks I am a troublemaker on this or any message board. Newbies may not recognize my longevity and history of helping others here, but I'm the oldest member of this site that still frequents and posts; I've been here since Andy started it, and he finally had to give up on it.

            If you read my first post without prejudice, I made it clear that the question was insufficient for a good answer and that a Google search would do wonders for clearing it up, which it would. The vast majority of electrical questions I tackle here would not fair so well in such a search, so we'll just ignore your clever sound bites that probably made you feel smart.

            And I'll maintain that the friendliest answer thus posted in this thread is the most dangerous. Now, if you'll please direct my hate mail to mcallister702 @ daltron . com . pg (without the spaces); I'll be able to read it much more cheaply.

            Thank you.


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              Originally posted by MAC702 View Post
              Okay, this is going to cost me about a $1.50 to post, but apparently it's worth it.
              Sorry, but I gotta ask why your posts cost so much?
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                Our best deal right now is about 12 cents a minute. Note where I am currently living. Combine the rate with the speed of 20 kB/s...

                I'll also say I probably started on the wrong foot. Instead of asking why he posted the question twice, I should have just said: "I noticed you posted your question twice. You may wish to go back and delete the other one."

                He didn't seem to take offense, though. Plenty of people looking for the opportunity to do it for him, I guess. Heck, he's probably found full blueprints online by now.


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                  Originally posted by shorerider16 View Post
                  Sorry, but I gotta ask why your posts cost so much?
                  Prolly cuz he is too close to the head hunters


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                    Go Carts

                    Try looking at They build some nice little dune buggies.


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                      Well I can weld, I have an stick arc welder, yes I am new to this that is why I joined the forum. (Yes I have supervision)
                      It will be a smaller machine for youth-young adults.
                      my plan is for weekend play and some competition with friends.
                      As for an engine I don't know.
                      I am open to suggestions.
                      I would appreciate any help I can get.


                      Originally posted by TS-Off-Road View Post
                      Most typical smaller go-karts for kids are built with 1"x.083" HREW tube. Larger adult karts use 1.25"x.120" HREW.

                      If we knew what you were going to use it for, we could give better advice.
                      WoW! This was the best answer I saw for his questions (not that MAC hasn't bailed me out of SEVERAL electrical dilemna over the past 18 months!)

                      I know this was posted back in November but I'm wondering whatever became of it. Until very recently I've not messed with much automotive stuff (other than exhaust/headers) and I'm checking in here because I'm considering some new stuff. Do we know if he ever built his go-kart and if so, what he built it out of?


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                        He probably never came back to this board. Can you blame him? It was the first I ever joined but it underwent a change last year and I don't post here much anymore. It USED to be a friendly forum.


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                          I Use 1 1/8 Stainless Dom Tube 3/32 Wall....


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                            Most purpose built racing karts for dirt are made with 1 1/8 -1 1/4 4130 with .065 to .083 wall thickness.

                            and most Euro build road course karts are 28 30 an 32 mm not sure on the wall thickness 4130 moly frames as well .

                            Stainless will crack mild steel is to soft and wont respond as a suspension member.


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                              I've been off this board for awhile becuase it seemed that a few guys sorta took it over and made it thier personal board. They decided what was a good discussion and if it didn't fit their plan, they had to get rude and bash people. There are some guys that just seem to ask for their a$$ to be handed to them on a plate but instead of carrying on these stupid and childish bickering they should just be passed over and they will die on their own. Some people just like drama I guess. I'm glad this board was alot more civil when I joined or I would have walked away right away. Just becuase this guy is new, doen't mean he can't build a safe kart. Instead of knocking him down and bloeing up your superiority, work with him and help him along. Thats what this is supposed to be about. Everyone that has been around here for any length of time knows Mac knows his stuff and has helped alot of people out. His knowledge is appreciated but it doesn't excuse jumping into this guy the way he did. Just my thoughts.