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Interesting dilemma (one for the sparkies who hang out here)

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    I printed out Macs,,and yours also,he wasnt fooling around,and i agree with you!

    Even when i built the house,the union,and management have a mutual (kinda hard) Hate for each other!

    Mac,if a plug is a dicsconect,would a breaker in the box also be one also?

    Thanks,they can kid around,But this didnt go over my head,he was dead serious,But made it sound that he was doing me a favor,so the union guys wouldnt make my life miserable,Thanks,Jack


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      So I just pulled this up in another search and have some humor to add closure to it...

      I now have a 30A 240v single phase circuit for my machines and no longer use rotary phase converters at all. I've switched everything over to VFD's which run on single phase and create 3 phase to run the machines motors. I sold my rotary phase converter after using it for about a year. I also sold all the 3ph sockets I had installed and was using and converted everything over to single phase outlets and hooked the circuit into the main panel via the extra drop Hank suggested installing. Worked out very nicely.
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