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Dragster Chassis and welder choices

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    Go to this website you can order a video on chassis construction, chassis blueprints, chassis kits etc!
    Follow the above posts for advice and practice, practice!!!!
    Whether you take a welding class or teach yourself, have a qualified welder examine your work as you practice/learn your welding technique.
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    Grinders, Belt Sander Etc!
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      cant be no worse than a major dirt chassis builder with a bunch of mexicans mig welding his frames together.a couple dirt racers a now getting away from the majors and kinda building there own chassis,probaly just a copy but they go out of there way to advertise that they are totally TIG welded.just my thoughts.


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        CroMo Tubing

        Would love it, but I live in Texas so shipping won't be pretty. Let me ask you something:

        1) Is there a specific type of chroMo that I need to use for this dragster project, such as 4130N? I want to practice on the exact type I will be using. I will be getting a Joint Jigger, to take care of the notching.

        2) Could you send me some pics of the jig you use to weld up a dragster chassis on? I saw a small one on the Bob's Welding website, but not much detail. Would love to see how it works as well as how I might rig a makeshift version for my own attempt at a chassis.

        I saw the John Force wreck, as I was there when it happened. For him to be alive, you obvioulsy build a **** of a chassis. My hat is off to you!

        Thanks for all of your help!


        Originally posted by fuelcarbuilder View Post
        Sarge, I can get you plenty of scraps of CroMo tube if you are close to Lafayette, Indiana. I'll even notch some up for ya!
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          My suggestion would be to go to (Click on chassis specs & then the Dragster pic. & choose the chassis that best fits what you plan to do). That's who the sanctioning bodies go to for their chassis specifications. When I bought mine it was in the neighborhood of $35.00. Then contact the Chassis tech for your area and get his advise since he will be the person who has the final say as to what passes and what gets red flagged.
          Hope this helps.


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            Level of cert

            Was planning on building it to "Top Dragster" level, but starting with a mild small block and gradually building up the horsepower. That way I can get a feel for it without getting stupid early in the game.

            I'm sure the type of cert. makes a big difference. A bracket car probably wouldn't draw the same attention as a T/F. What cert. were you planning to build?[/QUOTE]
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              Good Idea!!!!

              If Aluminum is possibly in your future plans get a Dynasty, If not the Maxstar will suit you very well. You can consider the basic setup as .001 of material thickness to 1 amp you will be in under a hundred amps almost all the time. The Maxstar 200 is where I would shoot for. The 150 could do the work on limited basis but it will run out of duty cycle before you get done, just not beefy enough for a builder machine. In the racing trailer yeppers, its a killer and saves space too.

              The reason ffor the maxstar and dynasty series is they are inverter technology and will draw less power to make the same welding output. Nice if you ever need to weld off a 110Volt extension cord, yes they will do it and well too. More features cost more so get the best you can afford, you wont regret it.


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                Originally posted by sarge75801 View Post
                I am seriously interested in welding, up to the point of wanting to buy a machine and build my own 4130 dragster chassis. Who makes a good yet reasonably priced chassis kit, and what tig machine would be good for a project like this? I am considering the Miller Econotig, since I do not plan on becoming a professional welder, but am not sure if this is enough machine.
                hmmm let me get this straight. you want to build a custom drag chassis and you're worried about the cost of the welder? no offense but that sounds a little naive to me. the cost of even a top-of-the-line dynasty welder is infinitesimal compared to the total cost of drag racing regularly.
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