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MM 210 Liner Replacement Question

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    Suspect the burn back problem may be related more to technique than machine malfunction.

    I have a spare M-25 gun I could send you to try out if you desire. I know it works on my MM251. Bought a Bernard Q300 so the M25 is a spare.

    Once the drive rolls are installed correctly (for .030 wire, you should see the .030 markings on the drive roller) you need to adjust the tension per instructions in your owners manual. With the new liner, I would recommend taking a Dremel tool with a cone abrasive and smoothing the inside surface of the liner (lightly polish) to remove any burrs created from cutting. Other than that, you should be good to go.

    What stickout are you using? Too little stickout will definitely cause burnback.

    What size wire spools are you using? The cast on the smaller spools (ie 2 lb) may contribute to the problems. Have you tried a 10# (or larger) spool of wire?

    Let us know what the dealer says.

    PM or e-mail me if you want to try another M25.
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      I use a 10# spool of wire.

      The machine is at the repair center now.

      They estimate 2 weeks to get it fixed; will let you know what they diagnose.


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