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Cylinder head port welding help

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    as for purge I've been thinking of leaving the intake valves in and bolting a plate over the combustion chamber, purging up through the port from the back side so to speak
    might even be able to weld without the cup by coming from the back with the gas. Definitely nonconventional but may be worth trying


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      You can always cut a cup down to size if it's to big. Just grind or sand it down to the size/shape you need and will be easier to manipulate the torch. But run a purge if you decide to do this.


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        Black Plague, Ive got a good buddy of mine Chuck Morris
        ( CTS Transmissions ) Who builds alot of race transmissions.

        Plummer I can hear you guys racing at Milan Dragway from my shop, I'm about 4 miles away.
        My best friend lets his wife run their 10 second chevelle ( Beebe Motorsports) run and my other buddy is Dan Pichla that runs his dart and also drives a wagon for JB Ammo.