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    You guys that are interested, check your LOCAL welding suppliers first. Mine is cheaper than IOC's price. See my previous posts.
    Support your local shops, otherwise someday they might not be there.
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      Originally posted by Dan View Post
      The bore of the socket, that machine end of the gun assembly plugs into, is a smaller diameter on the HH 140 and 187, then on on the MM 140 and 180.
      Thanks Dan
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        How much different in size is there? Nothing a piece of brass in a lathe to make adaptor from one size to another and a couple of o rings. Now heres the next question do they use the same voltage to the wirefeed motor on both units? The MM140 and the HH140

        Dont force it, use a BIGGER hammer.

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          I have a mig with the spoolmate 3035 on it and my tig machine broke and I'm looking to buy a newer tig and see that they have a tig machine that can use the spoolmate 100 anyone known what the is difference is between the two ?

          thanks Ken


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            A tig machine is a CC machine, and not appropriate to run a spool gun. Might look at a multi process machine.
            The Spoolmate 100 looks like a 3035 with a back end for a Miller M-10/M-15 gun. The switch, as I recall, just changes the trigger circuit, and makes it so that the machine wire feeder doesn't run. The biggest difference appears to be the back end. My 3035 had a lug on it the bolted the the welder output lug. With a dedicated back end, it will make it more difficult to change what machine it runs on. I have run mine off of a MM185, TB251, and something else I cant remember, using the retro kit on the 185, and the SGA 100c on the others.