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What Is The Right Amount Of Gas

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  • What Is The Right Amount Of Gas

    Hi Guys (newbie here)

    I got my MillerMatic135 and its GREAT for my car restoration.

    What I want to know please:

    How much gas pressure do I use to mig weld: 18 gauage sheet metal ?
    My dial speed is: 4
    My voltage is: 4
    I got the air pressure at: 10psi.

    Is that the right amount of gas for welding the above?

    Thanks guys


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    Schooner, I would bounce it up to 25 to 30 lbs, too much can suck in oxygen, so you don't need to go much higher, hope this helps, Paul
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      Not the expert on this unit but if it is the M10 gun you can run in the area of 20 CFH and have very good results
      The Tip design gets you in very close. This is the setting I run on my Passport with a M10 outside and have no issues.
      Good luck,


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        how about trying this. run a few practice welds at your settings then try turning the psi down a couple lbs and run a few more beads. crank it down some more. Compare welds and see if you can recognize when your welds start to degrade. do this on inside corners, outside corners, butts, indoors, outdoors, etc and note the psi where the welds are good. no need to use more gas then necessary. this technique works with tig and assume it will work with mig.


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          Starting setting

          Try this for a starting setting, much will depend on your speed and ability. If you start burning holes through the metal turn down the voltage & or wire speed.

          Wire speed @: 35
          voltage @: 3 to 4
          Gas at: 15 -20 CFH

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            15 to 30 depending on your work area, if no wind blowing through 15 lbs should shield you just fine, if you got drafts or outside you may need up to 30 try to hold your nozzle close an stand infront of your weldan try to block it if you got drafty conditions but under normal to a slight draft 15 should be fine.
            hope you have good luck on your new machine.