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what type of work boots do you wear?

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  • what type of work boots do you wear?

    long days are slowly killing my feet, what do you guys do to reduce fatigue? arch supports? any brand of boot better than others? i currently wear Wolverine wellington style boots, i need something easier on my feet so any help is much appreciated!
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    I've worn Bates and Caterpillars, but thought I was in heaven when I started wearing Red Wings. My stepdad swears by the custom-made Wesco Shoes.


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      If your ready to step up to a better boot you need to look at the "Matterhorn" or "Danner" and or "Wesco" boots.

      I use the Matterhorn full leather search and rescue coal mining boots with the tiger tip toe (model # 12255) . Has the full steel toe and full inner met guard and also the stainless steel shank. Normally these style boots are going to run you $280. - $350.

      One might think the price is high but when boots have an impact on you legs , feet and back as they do is not the issue.

      Pictured are the stock picture of the Matterhorn search and rescue coal mining boots and also shows the full steel toe and met guard. also pictured is my own sets ...Matterhorn 12255 X 2 & the Danner boots. Out of all these boots mentioned i like the Matterhorn the best.
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        I swear by Wolverine Durashocks, i hade a pair or standard Wolverines and i hated them, but the Durashocks are glove soft out of the box and feel great on your feet.
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          i wear these... . i wear the slip-on boots and stand on a concrete floor ten hours a day. best boots ive ever owned. avoid cheap immitations though.


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              Originally posted by tigman250
              long days are slowly killing my feet, what do you guys do to reduce fatigue? arch supports? any brand of boot better than others? i currently wear Wolverine wellington style boots, i need something easier on my feet so any help is much appreciated!
              You usually have to stand at MOST real welding jobs.
              I recommend you get a desk job


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                I love my Red Wings.


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                  I work onboard a ship, so I am on steel all day, for 60 days at a stretch. I swear by Wolverine Durashocks. They are soft, give great cushioning, and have great traction on oily surfaces.


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                    doubleH (HH) steel toed wellingtons.
                    Working on my 4th pair in 12 yrs or so.
                    Not real fancy but there pretty comfartable an very durable,after about 2 yrs ill put new insoles in em.around $110.00 not bad boots if you want to stay with the wellingtons,an not put new shoelaces in everey so often.


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                      I'm on my fifth pair of J.B. Goodhues in 4 years. The only workboots I can find around here that are even close to fitting my feet. Even at 5E width, these things torture me all day long. I'd be better off in the shoeboxes but they're not CSA approved. Can't find anything wide enough or deep enough through metatarsal area. After enough hours, the stitching or the leather gives way and finally I'm confortable. Steel toes cut into my toes when I kneel down or walk. Red Wings don't even come close. Can't find anything anywhere. Good thing I have a high tolerance for pain. I have looked into the pull on style, I think they'd be great, but again, not made for non-human sized feet like mine. I have to wear custom insoles too - which make a world of difference, to my knees, calves, and feet, but still boots are no good. Oh well, such is life. Play the hand your dealt. Other than the foot issue, I have great health. More than many others, so I'll happily take Sasquatch feet.


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                        I myself wear Wolverine 6" Potomac, Steel Toe, Slip Resistant, Electrocution Hazard boots. The steel toe meets ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75 for falling and rolling objects. The boots also meet ASTM F2413-05 I/75 C/75 EH rating for Electrocution Hazard on dry surfaces.

                        These have been the most comfortable boots I have ever had. I also replaced the stock shoe insole insert with a Sof Sole Comfort Boot Insole insert. This combination has saved my feet and my back some aching. It took me several hours and many visits to the Academy Sporting Goods outlet to find these boots. They have lots of toe room for a steel toe and good support. They are a lace up boot. My only complaint is the stitching doesn't last as long as the boot or the sole does.

                        I have never found a boot or insole combination that works for two of the most harsh standing environments:
                        1.) Concrete
                        2.) Round items such as ladder rungs or re-bar.
                        Those two environments there is no way to find true long lasting comfort. I guess iron or steel plate/matting may fall under concrete in being hard on the feet.

                        I tend to work in uneven, grassy, weedy, or bare earth conditions allot. Climbing on and off equipment or in or out of a ditch or trench. Personally, I don't think what works for me will work for most people, that is why there are so many styles, makes, and types of boots. You have to spend time finding the best boot that suits your needs and the comfort and durability you are looking for.

                        The most expensive but probably the best solution is to go see a podiatrist and have them make molds of your feet and then get custom inserts and shoes or boots made just for you. It cost big bucks and takes more time but the money spent my just save your feet and your back.
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                          Boy, I see some very good ones in this topic.

                          I have the Danner "Rainforest" talked about earlier, and Whites as in this clickable link.

                          Post Edit: (as I lost a sentence, somehow) These are the original Smoke Jumpers, that I have.


                          Loggers like Whites. Heal shape (cowboy style) keeps it from getting caught. (like between two rails)
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                            I have always worn Redwings or Bellville. The Bellville's are custom madr for aboout 350.00. Also have custom arch supports. I do not weld for a living, but I am a cop in a hospital setting adn we work 8 to 12 hours aday on the concrete.


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                              Double H or H&H best boot ive ever worn style#1595