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    How confident would you be buying a Miller Dynasty 300 dx from a shop which is 8 years old with 400 hrs on it? Is the counter resetable?

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    Why would you want to reset the counter?
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      Actually, I'm only assuming the 300 dx has a counter on it because the 200 has one.

      I think people use the counter to keep track of hours on a job.


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        400 hrs isn't much but all this would depend on price I guess. When I buy something used I always look for the core value, is it worth a major repair.


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          Based upon a 40 hour work week and 50 work weeks in a year, there are 2,000 hours in a year. 8 years would be 16,000 hours. If this machine is 8 years old and only has 400 hours on it, it has seen very light use. It should therefore have all original paint, no scratches, dents, or dings and should be in fairly decent shape and working perfectly. Snatch it up if the price is right.

          However, if this machine doesn't look like new, hardly used, shows any signs of use and/or abuse, i.e. tore up, scratched, dented, dinged, paint faded or otherwise gone and is not working properly, it wouldn't be worth messing with.

          Of course, this is just my opinion. Get pictures and post what it looks like. Might be able to tell you more.
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            I found a comparison chart for the 200 dx and it shows a timer:


            There doesn't seem to be a comparision chart for the 300 dx. Can anyone confirm it has a life timer. I'm only going by the owners word about the 400 hrs of use.
            Is this like an odometer and counts the arc use of the machine for both its life and a project?



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              how much $$ dose he want for it ?? can you test drive it ???
              i would have to agree that 400Hrs in 8 years is not a lot of use. thats like 1 Hr per week. if the shop dose not specilaize in TIG its possible to only be used once in a wile or could have been bought for 1 job and kept hopeing to expand into TIG work but it just didnt work out. if you can test drive it and its running good i would grab it up if the $$ is right.
              thanks for the help
              hope i helped
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