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OT: Alarm and TIG welder???

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    This puts me in a really difficult position. I know there are plenty or readers who know what needs to be said about Cruizers responce about removing the electrical ground and if I read the post wrong I apologize in advance. I can see why his fix would work but I also can see a potential (sic) for a disaster. Check out one of the on line manuals that Miller has on the web for one of their Hf machines (I looked at the manual for the 180 SD that I have) and you will find that the manual calls for the machine to be attached to the source electrical ground and the "GND/PE earth ground". In a balanced electrical system these would ideally be the same, however, any competent electrician will tell you this is not always the case. If you happen to be one of these very rare cases and you do away with the electrical ground (cruizers advice) you might find out too late that insurance does not cover non code modifications. So I would swap the keypads first. It could very well be the remote function in the keypad that is causing the keypad to sound off when it is exposed to the Hf which no matter what is present for a short period. Swapping them out is a whole lot easier and safer. I would still make sure the welder is connected as per the NEC codes no matter what. Besides being the right way to do it is also the safe way.
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