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learning is a funny thing

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  • learning is a funny thing

    This will give some of you a good laugh...

    Picked up a 4ft box scraper for my lawn tractor. Working by myself as usual, I was going to cheat and just roll it out of the back of the pickup on to the grass, after all its just steel. With some reflection on some recent posts on this message board, I gave it a bit more thaught, dug out the engine lift, unfolded the legs, picked it up using a chain from the top and set it to where I could move it with the tractor...

    Took about fifteen minutes more to do it this way.

    There is a lot of knowledge and experience on this message board. Kind of glad I stumbled onto it.

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    Originally posted by trstek View Post
    I gave it a bit more thaught, . . .

    NO No NO!!!!! You don't give it extra thought, you just have to ask somebody here!!!! I thought that's what these boards were for, take all the guesswork and thinking out of our daily lives, . . .


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      Calweld, you are a bitter, bitter man!! (I'd insert a smiley here, but sarcasm shouldn't be telegraphed)


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        Originally posted by PUMPKINHEAD
        Calweld, you are a bitter, bitter man!! (I'd insert a smiley here, but sarcasm shouldn't be telegraphed)
        ha ha, you gotta remember, I've lived most of my life here in California, where every minor, insignificant detail and hazard of our daily lives is legislated or regulated by the powers that be, especially the hazards that will affect .01% (that's one in ten thousand) of the population 50 years from now; actually nobody seems to really worry about the real hazards affecting us now, such as risky driving on two-lane highways, I get letters every month from the Cal Air Resources Board telling me I need to register my portable engine units with them, because diesel exhaust has been "proven" to cause health problems, I will then be "allowed" to work in every air district in the state, it's ok as long as I spend the couple thousand dollars for each unit????? haha I think everybody here will be long dead before I register anything with the state.


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          Yup, nuthin' like bein' Californicated! We be unique!

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            Hey CalWeld

            You mean like driving 70mph in thick FOG on 99 praying to God nobody slams on their brakes? FUN!!!!
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              Calweld has been totally indoctrinated ....

              To the Peoples Soci-alist Republic Of Kalifornia.

              He has attained full status and is now known as Comrade Calweld

              This is why I refuse to go to Kalifornia - I do not like Political Re-education Camp!

              Q: Why did the filter edit " S o c i a l i s t "


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                Originally posted by harcosparky View Post

                Q: Why did the filter edit " S o c i a l i s t "
                C I A L I S