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  • Xr-30

    I was wondering if any one knows if and how you hook up a XR-30 115v to a 302 TB with a 24v 14 pin.
    Thanks Ernie

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    This might help

    Hi Ernie,

    I'm not sure if you already have the manual for the XR-30, but just in case you can get a copy of it here:

    And the Trailblazer manual here:

    These may be of help to you. Sorry I don't have any personal experience hooking the two together, perhaps one of the other folks here has first hand info on the nuances if this hook up.
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      Tb 302

      The TB 203 has 115V in the 14 pin.

      if you are just hooking up the gun yuo need a box(sorry don't have my miller book in front of me: think its WC24)

      If you are hooking up the whole XR box with 30' gun you can just plug it in

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        Tank You all for the info on the XR-30 and the TB.I appreciate the help.


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          Right. Miller made a small mistake with the TB301G by NOT putting 115V in the 14-pin. I own the first one that was upgraded with a new motherboard to provide this because I was using an old Millermatic 80A feeder. Miller was outstanding in their customer service and mailed me a brand new motherboard and the instructions for replacing it. I was also given the option to have a local dealer do it for me. I did it myself. Since then, the later models of the TB301G and all TB302 models have the 115V remotes provided.


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            xr 30

            your xr has a 14 pin plug? if so screw the 14 pin into the 302, switch the wire feed cv to remote, plug the stinger lead for the xr into the cv lug, set your voltage and go to work
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