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  • TIG Machine Purchase???

    I'm ready to purchase a TIG machine. I looked at all the machines and I like the Syncrowave. I've read all the posts about the Dynasty's and how there better with aluminum, but when taking into everything in consideration, (especially price) I'm going to go with the Syncrowave.

    My only question now to you TIG guys is, 250DX or 350LX ?

    Obviously the 350LX would be more machine (400 amps instead of 300amps), but for the extra money do I need the higher AMP 300-400 amp range.

    I do mostly stick welding and very rarely my machines are at 250amps or higher. Most of stick applications are from 50-220amps.

    So should I purchase a 250DX or will I find myself maxing out this Machine and wishing I bought the 350LX

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    It would sorta depend on how much you weld at those amps. Bigger is certainly better in my book and if you can afford it there is no doubt the 350 would be a safer choice. I use a 250 ten hours straight all day and it is a fine welder and unless you need more than that (mine does 310 I think) then it should be fine. Powerwise it is a absolute joke compared to my old Airco but I'm sure a 350 would do thick stuff just fine if you started doing the heavier stuff once people knew you had the ability to tig for them. It's sorta like a snowball. I've seen times a 250 just plain out could not do the job and had to use a higher amp machine.
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      I always try and buy the bigger machine so I don't have to re-purchase at a later date. Unfortunately, you will not find your answer here. You and only you know what thickness you weld, how much you weld, and the possibility of getting jobs that require more amps. I haven't priced the 2 machines lately so I don't know the price difference. One option if you are looking at new 250's is to find a very nice USED 350 for the same price. From what I know about welding and my experience with the sync 250, you'll be needing the 350 if you plan on doing big structural stuff. Once, you get over 1/2 we're not talking hobby anymore.
      Be realistic about your needs (present and future) and jump in. Worst case, you sell the 250 later and buy up. People are always looking for these machines so its not like you'll get stuck.


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        For most any mild steel or SS TIG work the 250 is fine. If you have a steady diet of 1/4" or bigger copper, or aluminum I would get the 350 or one of the bigger Dynastys. Otherwise you might run into duty cycle issues.