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    Pile Buck,
    I just inherited 5 rolls of 5/64 NR212. I believe I remember you saying you had run this wire. We were using it on a job in Huston and the 5 rolls are left over. We cannot use it in our fab shop and cannot return it so I inherited it. How does it run, what all can you use it for? Lincoln says it is milti pass good for poor fit up and all position.

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    Man, that is a lot of flux core left over.

    I've used it as well. You can use it for just about anything you want. I used it for pipe railings, bump rails, anything and everything. I doesn't have good mechanical qualities listed, so it shouldn't be used on anything with seismic requirements or subject to high impact. Other than those two types, I would imagine the sky is the limit. It has a higher nickel content than NR-211, IIRC. It always ran smooth for me anyway.

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      I use NR 212 all the time. I just used a spool in 2 days on my 12RC. Good multi pass all position wire. Consider yourself lucky to get such a haul.
      I just called today and placed an order for 2 more spools.
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        We were working on chemical plant for Hazema and when we were finished with the pipe work they asked us to help weld the floors up. The floors were 3/8 plate with a 4" high edge rail. All the plate edges were over the supporting beams, they left a 3/8 gap so you welded the plates and beam at the same time. The contractor that was doing the job was using 5/32 7018. This contractor got behind and that was the reason we were asked to help. My welder foreman called and told me what they wanted and to figure them a price. I did and they accepted. I sent 4 S32 feeders for the 302G"s we had on the job and told them to have at it. The only problem we had was some Tweco quick connect's, I think they burned up 8 of these. When a floor was welded up they filled it with water up to the top of the 4" edge rails to check for leaks, they then drained and dryed and coated the floor with some kind of poly coating.


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          I just used some Nr212 to weld up some kick out bars on my bulldozer. I found it to be a really good wire and it cost me the same as NR211. I ran it at about 21volts with a wire speed of 125 ipm. It pulled Trailblazer 302 a little but it came out with a nice weld. I use ROTO connectors instead of tweco. ROTO connectors don't burn up with high amps and they last about ten times longer. If you google ROTO manufacturing in Fresno you can see their website. They build some heavy duty stuff


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            Nr 212

            This is a good wire but use caution if you are welding thicker weldments. Its limitation is 3/4" thick steel, if you use it beyond that thickness, you can see weld cracking issues. I may be wrong but I think the limitation on NR-211 is 5/16" for smaller than .045" and 1/2" thick for .068" and above.


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              You cats understand that you're replying to a post that's 5 1/2 years old right?

              Some days you eat the bear. And some days the bear eats you.


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                Glad to see somebody watches the dates!


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                  At least I learned about Roto connectors.

                  They look pretty slick. I wonder why they aren't better known? The end design is brilliant.


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                    Originally posted by 1930case View Post
                    At least I learned about Roto connectors.
                    Yup me too...Bob
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                    Bob Wright